Who wants to be a programmer?

The new year has begun and new year resolutions are coming with it. Many of us reactivate gym memberships, go on a diet or read books, which we haven’t enough time to read. There are also people who will turn their lives upside down with changing a lifestyle or a job. According to job changes, […]

3 steps to expand YOUR team with experienced Python developers!

If you clicked on this blog note, it means that you are interested in the development of your company in an effective way. Maybe you just look after some of experienced python developers? You’ve come to the right place, this text will dispel all your doubts. Is it for me? During whole process of creating […]

Does Blockchain and cryptocurrencies represent the future?

The past year has been a turbulent time for Blockchain technology. Due to many ups and downs, especially negative news mainly related to cryptocurrencies, doubts remain whether the Blockchain is the technology of the future or just another scum. Let’s take a closer look on this. How does Blockchain really work? Blockchain is a decentralized […]

why It projects fail

5 Popular Practices That Make Your IT Projects Fail

  Let’s start with bare facts on IT project failures, since there’s nothing as convincing as a handful of numbers. Although they are supported with an array of management methodologies and technologies allowing to co-work with an overseas specialists seamlessly, still fewer than a third of IT projects were successfully completed on time and budget […]

Why Python? A few reasons why you should learn it

Nowadays, we have a very wide spectrum of education opportunities, information retrieval, access to knowledge and source materials on various topics. I would like to discuss programming topics mainly for beginners, to encourage all of you to learn, because programming is fun!   Privately, I am a proponent of progressive education and I sincerely recommend […]

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