Difference between fixed price and time & material contracts

  When it comes to payment plans for IT projects, there are two prevalent methods. How do they differ and is the correct choice always obvious? Discover the difference between Fixed Price and Time & Material. How to price a project? With first method – Fixed Price – you determine a set price for your […]

How to order what you really need? It’s all about validating IT project requirements

IT project requirements, put simply, are the answer to the needs of final product consumers. For instance, if a company notices an increase in the number of people who use its service on their smartphones, it may in response decide to create a mobile app that will make this interaction easier. Up to this point, […]

Is Python worth learning? A journey back to the beginning

  Once upon a time in the Netherlands, a programmer had an idea that would give rise to a new programming language. Who was this person, why did they create a new language and why did they do it the way they did? And is Python worth learning? Let’s journey back to the beginning! How […]

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