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https://idego-group.com/terraform-collaboration-challenges/ Łukasz Olszak • May 25, 2022

Terraform collaboration challenges and how to tackle them

Typical problems that are associated with working using Terraform in a collaborative model and how to solve them.

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https://idego-group.com/pytech-summit-2022/ Idego • May 11, 2022

Pytech Summit 2022

17 maja rusza kolejna odsłona największej konferencji poświęconej Pythonowi. Tak dużego wydarzenia nie mogliśmy przegapić – możecie nas zobaczyć na...

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https://idego-group.com/guide-to-vetting-software-developers/ Oleksandra Bilokrys • Nov 10, 2021

Guide to vetting software developers

As a Product Owner or any person that is supposed to deliver products on schedule, you want sprint completion percentages...

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