Improve IT project communication and live happily ever after

  According to research conducted in 2015 by the Standish Group and published in the aptly titled Chaos report, less than 30% of technology-related projects will see successful completion. Less than ⅓! That sounds unbelievable! Some of you may think: but what does that have to do with the title of this article? Surely all […]

Jquery and javascript

To jQuery or not to jQuery? Magical world of Javascript

  1995 – what a year! Rapper Coolio releases his album “Gangsta’s Paradise”, Galileo satellite finally reaches the Jupiter orbit, “Golden Eye” and “Desperado movies” are on a silver screen, and mr. Brendan Eich creates new programming language.  That language was called Mocha at first, then LiveScript, and finally Javascript. There is a legend, telling […]

The craftsman vs the passion-driven programmer – two roads to success in IT

  Apart from the obvious technical requirements, job offers will more and more frequently contain less measurable criteria. One of these is being passionate about programming. But does a good programmer really need to have passion? Should they put all their heart and time into what they are doing? Or is it simply enough to […]

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