The engineers that are hard to find are
the ones that are not actively looking

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Good engineers are rarely looking for a job and finding them takes a certain kind of approach.

It takes time, and you don't have any. The recruitment process usually takes a few months to calibrate, and there are several pitfalls to avoid, such as finding the correct cultural match.

Despite these limitations, you still want your deliverables to be on schedule, and you don't want to fall behind.



HR Specialist

When it comes to building your development team, you have three options

You can recruit on your own

On average, it takes 66 days, which is slow as hell.

You can outsource the entire project

but with vendors, it’s simply hit or miss and you don't have complete control over the process.


Idego Team Extension

The better way for tech leaders to grow development teams with vetted, high calibre, fully remote, permanent software engineers.

Your work and processes are quite sensitive commercially

  • We've got legal resources in place to protect your business
  • Our employees exclusively work for you and no one else
  • No incidents for the last 11 years
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If you value flexibility and speed, Idego is the way to go.

If you value flexibility and
speed, Idego is the way to go.

It takes an average of 66 days to hire technical staff. We can greatly minimize this time at Idego. In fact, you may expect the first applicants within 3 days, and we can provide you with vetted specialists from Europe within 2 weeks, depending on your needs

  • Profiles are presented to you instead of you having to screen.
  • Great pool of talented developers from Europe.
  • Proven track record of vetting and sourcing candidates.
  • With Idego holding your back you can get more done more quickly and notice significant velocity gains manifest.

Idego enables you to accelerate your development process and try new things more efficiently. This is critical as you continue to grow.

  • Divide the caseload between more people.
  • Complete more tickets.
  • Reduce the number of rewrites.

Developing code is one thing; producing high-quality code that is well-documented and can be reused is something we are proud of.

You can increase your footprint whilst controlling costs, add a more diverse skillset and will be able to increase productivity.

  • Cut costs on office space.
  • Spend less money on insurance and equipment.
  • Skip all the administration procedures.

You can focus on product development and get more done, more quickly with a bigger team.

We’re agile and responsive to your evolving business needs. Sometimes you need to close the skill gap, sometimes increase velocity even further and sometimes slow down. We've got you covered in any case.

  • Ramp up and down when you need.
  • Build in-house competency.
  • The turnover rate is irrelevant.

Your development process is safe and sound. Onboard projects that are beyond your area of expertise.

It’s almost like your internal team.

It’s permanent, our experts work among your team and on your terms.

Tech Stack

It's almost like you're renting out developers.

  • Permanent to your team
  • They exclusively work for you and no one else
  • Participating in your dailies and weeklies
  • Adapting to your workflow
  • One team experience

The difference is, formally you’re not their employer, so you don’t worry about all the maintenance expenses and you can hire much faster because we do the vetting and sourcing.


You'll receive detailed feedback at every stage of the process and don't have to worry about anything.

No industry is off-limits, our typical clients are in:





We adapt to your requirements, but commonly use:















Idego team extension is commonly used in:

Custom Web App development


Design Sprint

Python Development






Cloud Architecture

High Load Solutions


How to measure success with us

We want you to measure us, our success as a business is directly tied to your satisfaction.

Why would you even consider building teams the old way?

Idego Team Extension

On average 14 days

  • 1 day - Specify your needs
  • 3 days - Get first preselected candidates
  • 9 days - Vetting technical and soft
  • 1 day - Final interview
  • Hire

Traditional hiring

On average 66 days

  • 1 day - Specify your needs
  • 7 days - Waiting for approval
  • 14 days - Post and promote Job offer
  • 14 days - Collect resumes
  • 7 days - Review resumes
  • 21 days - At least 2 interviews
  • 7 days - Final interview
  • Hire

Deadline? Pffft!

  • First candidates in 3 days.
  • Finish recruiting process in 2 weeks.
  • Spend less on office space and administrative costs.
  • Guidance if you’re not technically qualified.
  • Pay only if you hire.