What we do

We transform ideas into web and mobile apps

We believe that technology can solve real business problems by enabling new user experiences. At Idego Group, we integrate all stages from beginning to end, to develop apps according to the individual requirements of our clients. We are focusing on a Python Django, web and mobile development. We are most interested in advanced and unique projects in which we can take advantage of many years of experience and acquired skills.



Python Django Development


Python Django Development


We have a deep understanding of Python/Django, grounded in years of experience in bulding apps. Our team of expert Python Django developers can turn your idea into a reality faster than ever before. 



Web Development


Web Development


We can deliver bespoke software for startups and companies that have an idea to implement or a business problem that needs to be solved. We can develop full functional application, thanks to our proven agile methodology.



Mobile Apps Development


Mobile apps development


We can develop native apps on every platforms, but we focuse on iOS. Our apps are design for mobile screens, tablets, desktop and everything in between. 


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