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What is your product vision?

At Idego we specialize in advanced technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Big data, or IoT. We know how to implement smart solutions so that they benefit your product. Do you wish to create an AI-powered innovation that will conquer the market? We have software developers ready to provide you with excellent project assistance in:

  • MVP Project Building
  • Custom Software Development
  • Maintenance & Support
  • UX/UI Analysis
  • Database Management
  • Testing & Debugging
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custom software development

Idego delivered dozens of projects for clients representing industry sectors such as Automotive, E-commerce, Fintech, Healthcare, and Insurtech. Our company collaborates with tech leaders all over the world including many US and UK software development companies. We know how to work in different time zones and we easily adapt to given conditions.

We’ve gained solid experience through years of providing people with high tech and we can start building your product even today!

How do we choose software developers company compatible?

We are certain about who we want to work with. Our company has high standards not only when it comes to product quality but also the level of communication and involvement in projects. At Idego we conduct a recruitment process in a way to distinguish the most promising talents. Our company’s software developers are the top 5% of all specialists that met our expectations:

Continuous self-development


A software developer that reflects our company’s values, is eager to learn new technologies and solutions that make the software works flawlessly.

Willingness to share knowledge

to share knowledge

Idego company software developers are first to share their expertise with clients. They suggest solutions that would benefit a project and explain in detail a concept or technology that they plan to implement.

great communication


Software developers that match our company know how to convey ideas so that everyone understands their point of view. They are active listeners and can effectively communicate their needs.

Benefits of working with Idego Software Development Company

your needs

We are active listeners and we pay attention to what you say and what your company needs. At Idego we make sure everything’s clear to both sides before we start working on code. Thanks to our solid experience in delivering custom software projects, whatever vision you have in your mind, we are able to build and support it.

Regular project

We value communication inside the project that’s why our clients have 24/7 access to the project under development. This way they can immediately respond to every change, modification, or solution that we introduce. This ensures an easy flow of information and the work goes smoothly.

We adapt to project

The flexibility we offer is one of our biggest assets. You decide how many additional team members you need, what work tool is most suitable, and in what technology you want the project to be developed. We adapt to project specifics and possibly suggest a better option if there is one.


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