Inclusivity cannot be exclusive

Idego Idego • Jun 30
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The best place is one where you can be yourself

Building a good workplace is about giving space and providing comfort, starting with the right tools and development opportunities and ending with a positive environment based on mutual support and assistance. A place where everyone can feel themselves, feel accepted, not be afraid to make mistakes, take initiative and show their creativity. The standard of respect for individuality, however, is not standard in all places. Often, procedures kill the possibility of solving everyday situations in the best way for everyone, and the ticket system does not allow for such close getting to know each other and integration.

And while writing out individual Christmas wishes or sending birthday cards may be a crazy idea for many, because it’s easier to send an email on a pre-made project, we’ve tested it and know that it’s worth it – it’s worth getting to know each other, it’s worth being close and talking, it’s worth giving a little more of yourself and appreciating the other person for being themselves.

Individual approach to each employee, respecting him, realizing that employee = human being, and each person can face different problems in life + extending a helping hand in such situations and adjusting the terms of cooperation to the current life situation of the person. In Idego you always have the feeling that you are a valuable person and even if sometimes you feel as if you don’t mean much, your colleagues and bosses are always happy to deny it and will be grateful for the fact that you just are 🙂 At Idego, whether I’m talking to my supervisor, boss or colleagues, I always feel like a valuable person, even when I’m down.

Open dialogue is gold

And speaking of dialogues – how important communication is should be known by everyone. And so, of course, you can talk about bad and good communication. Inclusiveness cannot be exclusive. Therefore, everyone should be provided with an easy way to communicate, not only their ideas but also their objections. To ask questions, including on difficult topics.

June was a month in which we particularly focused on open communication. Behind us are three meetings that anyone can join – our weekly summaries with the founders and C-level. This is an opportunity to exchange ideas, ask questions and share the latest information.

Individuality matters!

Each co-worker adds his or her individual contribution to building the team and the company as a whole. Individuality is about exchanging experiences and knowledge, sharing them, exchanging views, inspiring but also sharing our passions and what we like best. After all, it’s more pleasant to live in a colorful world, not a black and white one!

Friendliness is the key

Pride Month is a celebration of diversity. We appreciate it and support it. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you have a large family and children – you can tailor your work day when, for example, you want to pick up a child from daycare or work remotely. We are animal friendly – you are welcome to our office with dogs, cats, hamsters and any other pet. You have a passion – share it! That’s why we organize internal meetings where we share our hobbies and enthuse others. You have a problem or challenge, not only professional, you can always count on help and support. The key is the open-mindedness and kindness with which we treat each other, regardless of gender, orientation, beliefs or anything else.

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