We plant our future in green colors

No superhero, mind blowing actions. We just take simple steps on the daily basis to reduce our harm on nature.
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Green Office or...

We shape our Green Policy accordingly to the European Green Deal. The values embedded in our DNA are respect for nature, equality, tolerance and peace. For us, economic development is inseparable from environmental protection.

One of our key initiatives is to promote a green office environment. We strive to minimize our energy consumption and reduce waste by implementing the following measures:

  • Energy-efficient lighting and equipment: We use LED lighting and Energy Star certified equipment throughout our office to minimize energy consumption.
  • Paperless operations: We encourage digital communications and document storage to minimize paper usage.
  • Recycling and waste reduction: We have established a recycling program and encourage employees to reduce waste by using reusable containers and mugs.

IT go home

Reecent pandemic years provided evidence of potential emission reduction routes. Postponed commuting and business trips via home-office prominence resulted in a 7% reduction in overall global carbon emissions. Getting to work accounts for 20% of total GHG emissions in the United States. One workday per week at home-office has the potential to reduce emissions by one-fifth! That’s why:
every member of our team can work fully remotely from the day one.

Our goal- CO2 neutrality

We firmly believe that businesses have the power to drive real change in addressing the challenges posed by the climate crisis. Our goal is to join the community of leaders in their efforts to achieve CO2 neutrality.

By implementing carbon offsetting initiatives, we’ve been able to reduce our carbon footprint and achieve a value that’s lower than the EU average, highlighting our commitment to sustainability. And the best part? We’re not stopping there. Our goal is to reduce our CO2 emissions by 50% by the end of next year.

Corporation yearly average footprint per capita (tons)

Think globally, help locally -
Hundreds of trees by Idego

We initiated an ambitious afforestation programme with the goal of planting hundreds of trees. We assisted in the repair of regions ravaged by a major storm in 2017 in partnership with the Polish State Forests and forestry specialists.

This catastrophe, which harm the Brusy municipality, is recognised as the most comprehensive ecological disaster in Polish forest history.

Our efforts have significantly contributed in the restoration of the devastated areas, which will be revitalised soon.

Let's talk about business shaping the future, shared values and responsibility. What matters to us and to future generations.

Piotr Groza
CEO/founder Idego Group



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