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Grab your free book with Django and Celery

What is Celery and how to use it? Sometimes one may face a problem with running code periodically, e.g. once per hour or once a day. For example, Packt Publishing offers Free Learning program where you can grab free e-book every day. But what if one day you can’t be online or just simply forget […]

# Unpacking what’s in python 3.5

Python 3.5 – the latest major release of my favorite programming language comes with a few handy additions – one of which is a small new convenience feature I wanted to write about today. Among definitely more complex enhancements like async/await, type hinting support, Windows C-runtime and installer changes, it might be easily overlooked. Still, […]

Back to the future with async and await in Python 3.5

Python 3.5 was released on September 13th, a couple of weeks ago. Among it’s features it introduces new syntax focused on facilitating writing asynchronous code – await expression and async def, async with and async forstatements. Days of future past Major Python releases take place about every year and a half (Python 3.4 was released […]

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