Python and PHP: What to Choose for Your Web App Project? We Have the Answer!

Idego Idego • Jul 08
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If you have already decided to choose a programming language for your web development project. It’s probably that currently, you’re comparing languages you’ve chosen to its biggest competitors. A good example is the title above, which is Python and PHP

Some time ago you could see our similar entry. We’ve previously compared Python and Node.JS

There is a large number of programming languages on the market that are self-sufficient and do not require interference from other languages

What then should you choose?

  • Python? 
  • JavaScript? 
  • C#? 
  • Java? 
  • C++? 
  • Rust? 
  • Ruby?
  • PHP?

The fact that the choice is large and the number of frameworks and libraries is huge and constantly growing indicates how the industry develops. Today, almost every business needs a website that meets the requirements of customers.

Today many activities have been simplified and your client has got used to the interfaces that are clear, nice and responsive. If your site is not, you may be out of the game. Another factor that is important is the fact that fashion changes and the programming language must be ready for frequent modifications and changes.

Python and PHP similarities

Maybe before you understand the biggest differences of these two web giants. It would be worth to get to know the similarities.

  • PHP and Python are open source projects

Open source – otherwise open software whose license allows legal and free copying. In addition, it provides its users with the right to independently modify, analyze and expand existing products.

  • Those programming languages are easy to learn!

Yes, while Python’s syntax is simpler and more enjoyable to learn because PHP was created with the intention of creating complex web solutions. The opposite is Python which from the beginning was a comprehensive programming language

 PHP is not much more complicated. Both times are “beginner friendly”, it means that that there are a huge number of courses on the market.  Also a large community of programmers eager to explain many issues. But for now Python is more recommended for learning. 

For a novice programmer, time is valuable, so choosing a language is important.

However, the creation of web applications that are more complicated than simple. So as a result requires more time to learn.

  • Both are high-level languages.

High-level programming languages are languages whose syntaxes are closer to human languages than lower-level ones. Usually, the computer understands binary system which is terrible to write programs in. 

That’s why programming languages ​​have been created that are readable and whose possible bugs are easier to solve.

Some information about Python

Python is a dynamically typed interpreted language of a high level. It is characterized by readability and brevity of the code. It was created in the 90s by Guido van Rossum. The name comes from the title of the comedy series on BBC titled “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.

Some information about PHP

PHP is a scripting language, mainly used to build dynamic and complex websites. It allows you to create dynamic websites with very large possibilities. The PHP language is very often used to build online stores and frequently updated websites, such as thematic portals.

PHP was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, and initially it was called PHP / FI, or Personal Home Page / Forms Interpreter. This language was a set of Perl scripts that acted as a monitor for visitors to his website.

Main Differences between Python and PHP

Despite the many factors that connect these two programming languages, there are quite a few differences that you will learn in the text below!

The appearance and legibility of the syntax

This point must appear first. It is obvious. The syntax of Python is simply much more readable, elegant and creating any web development solutions in it is pleasant.

Despite the fact that PHP is really more focused on web development and Python is a programming language in which we will create all kinds of software. However, the cooperation between Python and Django is doing much better now.


Many beginner programmers and experienced programmers use documentation. Depending on the status of the documentation and its maintenance as well as ongoing updating, the brand of a given programming language is made. 

In the case of PHP and Python there is no trouble here, the documentation is on a high standard.

One framework for web development

It will be difficult to find a more intuitive and feature-rich framework that is so extensive and which is looked after by a multitude of developers like Django.  Of course, there are more Python frameworks, but Django is currently the most popular and proven in battle one.

PHP has its frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony or even CodeIgniter but it is much convenient when it comes to creating Django web development solutions. Django has a lot of built-in tools and its speed ahead PHP’s frameworks a bit. It’s hard to call the winner here because the framework is selected according to the needs of the project.


Python and PHP go head to head on this issue. PHP has a powerful debugger called XDebug package and Python has a debugger called PDB (Python Debugger). It will be hard to find the winning programming language here.


PHP was created with the intention of creating complex web applications. It did not have a language that would cope with the latest technologies.

In the matter of creating solutions in Machine Learning, Internet of Things, image processing etc. Python is absolutely irreplaceable here.

Python wins unquestionably here.


The vast majority of solutions and tool for creating web applications is free. However, there are situations in which a given solution has to be paid. Sometimes it is a large enough cost that can slow down the company’s development. 

In the case of fintech, many companies are forced to pay large sums in exchange for safe and proven tools.

For both languages ​​that are free and open-source again, it will be hard to find a winner in this category. It is rather the specifics of your industry that will decide about winning.

Python vs PHP – popularity

Over 80 percent of modern websites were created on the basis of PHP. This statistic has changed a bit over the years because a new Python came in with the arsenal of its frameworks.

Certainly, this proportion will not turn over in a short period of time, but with the passage of time. Python will start to play an increasingly important role due to the greater security of its solutions.

But considering today’s data, the point lands on PHP.

Software Engineers - development team

Python vs PHP – What to choose for the web application project

Summing up this blog entry it’s important to point out that Python vs PHP encounter is the true clash of the titans, two powerful and developed programming languages ​​that lead the market. 

Indication of one winner will be very difficult, but taking to the mind current trends and the fact that more and more young programmers choose Python much more often than PHP.  

As professionals who look long-term at created projects, we’ll recommend Python to you! 

It just will work.

As we want you to use the latest technologies and solutions, we will suggest you choosing Python

Now you can expand your project with our experienced Python developers!

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