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Python vs Node.js: Your Project and Our Technology

Is there really one right choice?

Are there any features of one of the languages ​​that dominate the other language?  Which programming language should you choose for your innovative project? Python vs Node.js?

When creating a project, there are a huge number of factors that need to be considered. But in fact, in both programming languages ​​we will create almost identical software.

Python or Node.js have a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

You can create a great web app in both languages!

The point is what you need

It is understandable that you want to have a web app that just looks nice, but there is also a back-end that is responsible for very important issues. The front-end cooperation of developers and back-end magicians is crucial here.

On the one hand, the site must often process many gigabytes of data and be responsive, look nice and be user friendly.

The structure of web app creation in most of the most popular programming languages ​​is quite similar.

The biggest difference pops up in syntax.

Python vs Node.js – Main Differences

You will understand the main differences between Python and Node.js much faster, if you notice that Node.js is is built on top of the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. Python is an independent language which was created with the intention of developing backend of websites.

So you could say that this is an uneven fight cause after all, you could use Python and not think about the choice.

It’s not true.

So despite the fact that Node.js is a multi-platform environment, not a high-level general-purpose programming language such as Python. You will create the same great design in one and the other.

Responsiveness: Python vs Node.js

When it comes to maintaining the right workflow. The programmer will certainly pay attention to the speed and responsiveness of the language.

In the case of Python and Node.js – this is a real clash of the Titans. These are simply very, there’s no big difference here but Node.js dominates here a bit.

How fast the website will process the amount of data is very important for you and the programmers.

Software Engineers - development team

The size and future of your project

If your main intention is to create a web app that will be large and it will serve a huge amount of data and will not necessarily be pleasant to use, you should consider Python. Node.js fantastically deals with medium and small projects, not necessarily with gigantic sites.

So, if you want to create a small fintech startup, real time application or an e-commerce store at the beginning. Node.js will be a great choice. However, if at the beginning you have a vision of scaling your business on a global scale, start with Python.

In fact, actually one of the most popular Python frameworks – Django is used by giants in the world.

However, Node.js does not remain indebted because it does not stand out in this matter for Python.

Google, Facebook and YouTube use Node.js – check this entry!

Easy to learn and use

It is worth taking into account that the people you employ abstaining from technology will want to develop their skills.

Behind Python stands a huge community, a large number of online forums, many online courses and books. Node.js is not that perfect in this respect.

So it’s safe to say that Python will be a much better solution for junior developers.

If at this stage of reading you are almost determined to choose Python – click here to find out more!

Most frameworks that support Python do not require advanced programming skills – Django can be a great example.

The language of the future

It is possible that your project will use artificial intelligence or machine learning technologies.

Maybe connected together?

The general rule is that Python is doing better with new technologies. In the case of Machine Learning there is a huge number of frameworks that have been tested and run. At Node.js, we will also create an identical project. But there is a risk that, as the project grows, you will have to rewrite whole code to Python.

In the case of creating Internet of Things solutions, JavaScript frameworks are perfect.

Point for Node.Js!

“People and their mutual interactions…

above procedures and tools”. If you associate this sentence, you probably know “Agile Project Management“. Ultimately, the choice of technology in which you create a project is not the most important. Team of developers is.

If you have access to great programmers who find themselves much more in Python than Node.js – choose them. Freedom of programmers in developing project is extremely important because it is worth to cut its coat according to its cloth.


Creating a project is time-consuming, generates a lot of costs and requires many skills. The choice ultimately belongs to you, this blog entry was meant to help you clear your thoughts.

However, if you still have doubts – write to us, we will try to dispel all of your doubts!

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