If you clicked on this blog note, it means that you are interested in the development of your company in an effective way. Maybe you just look after some of experienced python developers? You’ve come to the right place, this text will dispel all your doubts.

Is it for me?

During whole process of creating or maintaining a project the biggest issues are easily spotted in no matter of stage of completion. All of the used technologies in the exact IT project can overwhelm even the most advanced programmer. It means that developing web apps or projects directly related with Python/Django are not idyllic easy. In this matter, it is sometimes worth leaving this job to more experienced Python programmers. Another example is the desire of developing the company on various levels or speeding up certain project development processes. Hiring a new developer can be a challenge to the quickly passing time. An additional difficulty will be the rapid implementation of the new employee to the team and whole project. Familiarization with a group of methods of software development also could be an adversity.

Where should I start?

There is a simple win-win solution to all these problematic factors. Firstly it is important to distinguish the methods that will be presented. Bringing highly educated and experienced Python programmers to a completely new project, or an existing may turn out a key solution for a company. Before starting the whole process, it will be important to mention three methods of strengthening the company with external employees. Team augmentation, outsourcing software development and hybrid approach. Each method individually selected for the customer’s specific requirements and the specificity of the project.

Get to know your needs

The first step of expanding your team with experienced Python developers appears here. Defining, identifying and making decisions is a kind of revaluation of certain things in the company. With the decision to delegate projects to a trusted software house you may find out lots of positive aspects. Saving time, cutting costs without losing quality or selective approach to the required skills and technologies makes your company more flexible and susceptible to changes in a positive sense. By defining your strengths and understanding the weaker ones, by delegating time-consuming and complex projects outside, your programmers can focus on what they are best at. Certainly, focusing on the type of technology, determining the time frame and the amount of people needed for the project will help you to define specific requirements. Depending on your requirements and needs, you can use one of three ways delegation of the project.

What to choose, what to run

The next step after determining your needs and realizing all the pros and cons of using team augmentation, outsourcing or hybrid approach will be choosing the right, tailor-made software house. There are a few things that separate a good and experienced software house from a one that is just starting up. The main factor to pay attention to is technology stack and the portfolio of completed projects in these technologies. You have the right to ask for recommendations. It can happen that the software house created in the past software something similar to the one you want to create.Precise specification of your requirements and features that should be included in the project is key. Essential and conditional features are the most crucial and without them the project will not meet its basic assumptions. But it is also worth mentioning nice to have features, which will give the project more attractiveness.

How do they work?

The next thing is the experience of the software house – a decent software house that cares about its good name will never take a project that it can not handle. The quality should be kept at the highest level, even at the expense of rejecting the project proposal. A trustful and reliable partner cares about quality that Python programmers introduce, not about the financial factor. If this is the main factor and the bargaining chip of the software house you have found, be aware! Another thing to pay attention to is development methods and ways of its communication. The most popular method is the Agile approach, it is used by over 80% of all software houses. Long story short, this path makes the whole team create software iterative – daily standups, sprints, discussion are just simply necessary.

Daily conversation is essential!

Being in constant contact with programmers who create software for you means that they can improve the code at a given moment. This cooperation is of course reciprocal. You feel obliged to provide information, your requirements and mockups which will allow to improve project for the next week. Thanks to this, the programmers know the task division and are motivated to push work forward. In this way, trust is built because the software is created on an ongoing basis without unnecessary delays and misunderstandings. A good company will be eager to show the progress of the software being created. Even one that is still not perfect.

Here the third and last step appears. Actually doing it! Making a decision about concluding short-term / long-term cooperation, gaining expert Python programmers or due to finances of your company may raise doubts at the beginning. But if you have adjusted your requirements to the factors that were mentioned in this text, the appearance of any problems should have be very rare. Maybe our software house will turn out to be the one that best suits your needs? Feel free to contact us!


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