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Remote Development Team using Scrum – How to do it?

From this text, you will learn why all people saying that a remote development team using Scrum is not the best idea that is wrong.

When you are the owner of a company that has needs for creating software and you know that it is a good idea to leave this challenge to professionals – a question may arise.

If the software house swears that it can develop software in accordance with the Scrum methodology, are the remote developers who are not in the office of the software house effective? What does software development look like if these developers are physically out of place?

Organization of remote development team that works with Scrum

This question that comes to mind is both logical and incredibly general. Unfortunately, too general. 

Let’s break this question into several smaller ones about remote development:

  • What programmers
  • Have the developers been in contact with similar projects?
  • Did you mean Juniors developers?
  • Or Senior ones?
  • What is the project like? 
  • Is this a project that has been created since the beginning? 
  • Do developers know how to work remotely? 
  • Has the programmer used Scrum before? Or rather Kanban?
  • Have you ever worked with a team of remote programmers?

Sample responses related to the remote development team

  • I am afraid that the remote development team using scrum is too young and will not be able to deliver the tasks regularly because they have not worked with the Scrum methodology before. In addition, my project is so innovative that no one created anything similar.
  • I’m afraid that one senior on my project may not be able to do the job. He will simply be overworked and I will not be happy with the result.
  • I’m afraid that the project to create this team of developers will fail because they have to continue working for half. In addition, they don’t have much experience.

Have you realized one thing? All the doubts you have are not really related to the work of remote developers but are simply very common doubts. Please check this entry entitled: Top 5 Most Popular Doubts Before Starting Cooperation with a Team of Developers.  

Another question, and at the same time the answer is: Now think about what questions you would ask yourself if you had to hire programmers yourself? That’s right, you’re completely right. Questions and doubts would be IDENTICAL.

What is Scrum

Develop software using Scrum? Where is the issue?

The problem is at the level of people selection, developers’ competences, experience, and work methodology. Here we are talking strictly about Scrum. How good a review of the market you do, how well you analyze your needs will determine whether you choose programmers who will use Scrum to work effectively remotely or not.

Also, it is not the fault of remote work, not the fault of programmers, nor the specificity of the projects. That is why it is so important to analyze current needs. If you are not technical-oriented enough to know that you need three juniors and a senior, or maybe two seniors – leave it to the professionals.

Here is the solution to your problem. A step-by-step guide to choosing the right software house

First Scrum, then remote development team using Scrum

The task is impossible to use remote Scrum for a company that has not previously used this methodology. Throwing someone into deep water is good for small businesses. When we talk about larger amounts of money, nobody wants to risk it. Both sides want a stable and clear situation. 

Scrum is not complicated and teaching it is a matter of a few hours. However, theory and practice are completely two different concepts. However, the team of developers who suddenly has to switch to remote work and combine it with 2-week sprints, doing daily, delivering tasks on time – it can be troublesome. 

Especially if Scrum is something new, and earlier developers used Kanban for example.

Remote development – advantages

Of course, there is a huge amount of remote work advantages over hiring programmers for the office, but the experience is more important in this case. Costs fall to the background. 

  • We can mention such features as the programmer’s better life balance because he is planning his day for his needs. 
  • We can mention free communication here, nobody listens to other people’s conversations. 
  • An important element is also the lack of attachment to a specific place, position, desk.
Software Engineers - development team

Remote development – Scrum in everyday use

Where will more programmers be able to work using Agile? In a large corporation or rather in a smaller software house? Remote work with Scrum is possible and simple. Agile is a great solution that has turned into many methodologies.

 But it is Scrum that is the loudest today. Some time ago, we were able to create a free e-book for you about why Scrum does not work. Download the free book today!

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