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Top 5 Most Popular Doubts Before Starting Cooperation with a Team of Developers

It does not matter if you are a startup who looks for support in the area of ​​software development or a large corporation. All of the software companies have large software needs. A trusted team of developers is often a solution to many problems!

Doubts appear in the mind in the same way for all decision-makers. No matter what amount of money goes, or the size of the project. It is difficult to make such an important decision for the first time.

Despite the fact that outsourcing forms the lion’s share of today’s businesses related to the IT industry. You still have the feeling behind your head that you should not do it.
The following text will present the most popular doubts and simply dispel them.

You really giving away some of your business to another team of developers!

What if it fails?

This is probably the most common doubt and the simplest one. What if all this will go away with my expectations and will not work? 

Hours of conversations, arrangements, assurances from the software house and nothing. Fall. Defeat.

This doubt comes from having a very fragmentary knowledge about outsourcing or nearshoring that has already been concretized.

Fear of putting out a piece of your business is normal. And disappears with the first cooperation with an external team of programmers

At the moment when you will see how much it relieves your work and creates space for you to create creative things. You’ll just be happy.

I do not know if I can afford such an expense

Obvious doubt, after all, the employment of programmers’ team MUST be expensive. 

Not true. 

First of all, everything depends on the location of the software house and the number of programmers. It may be that you do not need that amount of programmers that you think you are in need of. 

Your way of recruiting programmers to the office is automatically associated with higher costs. Office, convenience for employees, providing developers with appropriate conditions. When you delegate the part of software development to another team of developers. Which are located in a nearby country, or the company which has similar cultural patterns, it will simply be cheaper.

I will not have control over what developers are doing

This doubt also appears quite often. But it is not right. Just because, paradoxically, you will be much more careful about the work of programmers that you do not know personally. It’s such a small trap. 

Do you really control the work of programmers who you have in your office? Because you spend a lot of time in one place you are thinking that the efficiency is high?

It is obvious that if you have an external team of developers you will verify the company. You will want to check their work.

When choosing an agile methodology for software development such as Scrum. Properly conducted project by appropriate persons will be obliged to take daily, short summaries or weekly. You can also keep an eye on the activities of the external team of programmers.

Where can I find the right programmers and software house?

You have already noticed that all possible physical solutions are transferred to the cloud, and internet applications are created that simplify our lives at every step. It has some kind of consequences. There is a growing lack of programmers at every level – juniors, mids or seniors.

The question should sound like – where can I find ANY programmers. Not to mention the quality of their work. Fortunately for you, you are not in a position to worry about this issue. All these issues are taken by the software development company. 

If you are interested in this issue, please read this entry. We explained where to find the right people for the project and how it differs to work with smaller companies as opposed to corporations.

Software Engineers - development team

What if my needs will change?

It is usual that the project requirements change with the development process or there is a need to add some new features. Skilfully created development using a well-chosen production methodology is organized and prepared for such eventuality.

Also this doubt is not justified if you have started to cooperate with professionals who know methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall or simply apply Agile’s general principles.

Doubts are dispelled!

Your needs, requirements or ordinary doubts are important. It is worth considering the possible extension of the team of programmers. Because as you can see, it is not so complicated, and in the era of growing requirements, a small number of programmers is worth choosing reliable and trusted professionals! 

However, if you have other doubts, which we did not address in the text, it is enough to write to us. We’ll write you back!

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