How to create a successful beauty app business model?

Idego Idego • Jul 27
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The beauty industry has been expanding rapidly, offering huge potential for future entrepreneurs to start their own beauty empire. Nowadays, the fundamental sales source of any business is its digital establishment. That’s why every second beauty salon has its dedicated beauty app that helps in attracting more clients. Behind every app, there is a well-thought-out business model that decides about the company’s success. So the question is how to create a successful beauty app business model? 

The business model is the mechanism through which the company generates its profit and is at the center of the business plan. Having such a wide range of beauty services available on the market, it’s difficult to create a business model that will immediately click with the audience. For this purpose, we’ve come up with a list of important aspects you should take into account when building your strategy. 

Beauty on-demand concept 

A trend that has found its place in all industries including Healthcare, is services on-demand. People love convenience and quickly meeting their needs. The word “on-demand” literally makes them all shaken and excited. Knowing this, creating a beauty app that is one-stop for all the beauty services would be a smart move. A beauty app that lets customers book their appointment, pay for it, and automatically schedules the event in their calendar? That’s exactly what they want. But any idea or a concept is just a thought. Now how to transfer the vision into a real, successful business model? 

How to create a successful beauty app business model 

Key points that you have to take into consideration creating a business model for your beauty app. 

Study the market and your competition

First of all, make solid research on the beauty market. Get familiar with your competitors and their strategy to win clients. See how other beauty companies communicate with their customers and what type of advertising they use. That helps verify features to add in your beauty app. Market research is the first thing that should be covered and is also the stage when a lot of ideas show up in your mind. 

Think about how to promote your beauty app 

There has to be a lot of buzz around your product to keep it on top. Once you launch your app you have to be ready to promote it. Through activities such as advertising campaigns or email marketing, you can get a lot of attention and attract new customers to your app. Even simple social media accounts can boost your brand visibility. Lots of beauty apps offer a loyalty program for their clients and special discounts for registered users. Your business model has to be based on a strategy to retain clients and attract new ones – always. 

Built-in booking system 

A beauty app business model can be based on a booking system. It’s a very popular way to provide customers with the convenience and flexibility they expect. It’s also a mechanism that (when it’s applied right) can be a source of stable income for your business. Think about it. By giving people access to all the beauty services and the same platform that enables quick appointment scheduling, you give them an app that offers all they need. 

A beauty app that perfectly shows how it should be done is Glamma – an online marketplace for booking beauty treatments and the purchase of beauty products. Glamma is a project created by our team for a Swedish company. The combination of services along with the built-in booking system provided the app with a 75% conversion boost. It’s a great example of how a well business model works in practice. 

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Integrate your beauty app with a payment system 

Today, if you don’t accept major credit cards, online payments, and mobile transactions, you are losing a lot. A large percentage of your potential customers will choose a platform that enables secure and convenient payments via an app. No matter the services you plan to provide, make sure the customers can pay for them right away. This way they will be able to see their history of purchase and you will be able to spot things to improve in your product.

Customer management and satisfaction 

Think about how to manage your client base and provide them with satisfaction from your services. What to do to make them feel they are in good hands? Maybe it’s the convenience of usage or an option to custom their user accounts? From the experience, I think a beauty app with proper customer service can be a life savior. By giving people access to expert knowledge in the beauty industry you show the real value of your platform. Another aspect is how to measure your results? What tools are you going to integrate your app with in order to get real-time data? Collecting data about your customers and sales will be a fundamental part of your business. 

Keep up with the latest beauty trends 

Regardless of your business model, keep your product up with the newest beauty trends. Let your app provides inspiration and a source of real beauty knowledge and show your expertise in the offered services. The trends also refer to the design of your beauty app. A professional user interface increases trust among customers and places your app among modern beauty players. 

To sum up

It’s important to think about continuous development and expanding your offer to stay relevant and valuable on the market. None of today’s big beauty apps own their success to just a great business model. It’s the first, very important step in a company’s career but there is a lot of work after that to keep your beauty app on top of all. Creating a successful beauty app business model is not a piece of cake but we hope our key points helped you clearing out some important things. 

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