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Commonly, software houses use many technologies to develop applications, software, and websites. After all, business solution development is a complex task. An application consists of frontend (client-side of the app) and backend (server-side of the solution), and building each requires using a different tech stack. Among software houses, there are Django development companies — organizations mainly focused on developing applications in the Python-based framework called Django.

Choosing the right tech stack for the IT project is an important thing, but it is usually up to developers who create a business solution. If you are more tech-savvy, you will probably want to participate actively in the process of choosing a technology or even handle the development in-house to remain in control. If you’re thinking of developing your application in Django, we’ll be happy to tell you more about its applications and choose the best Django development company.

Django — for what kind of projects is commonly used? 

Django is one of the open-source, Python-based frameworks used for development. It is not only popular, because it’s built with one of the most popular programming languages nowadays, but also because of its many benefits, which are for sure scalability, security, and active community. It enables rather rapid development, which among other things can make it a proper technology for startups. Here are some examples of projects in which it can be used:

Applications that require a high-security level

Django ensures enhanced security solutions to the end-user. It leverages a reliable user authentication model and hides the source code by default. Django also contains clickjacking protection. In general, this framework provides developers with tools to prevent the most common mistakes that could compromise your application and enable them to come up with more advanced security solutions. It makes this Python-based development platform a great technology for building websites and applications that process sensitive data or handle transactions.

News websites, online magazines, business blogs

Websites and applications created in Django can handle huge amounts of content in form of the text and media files. Apart from that, they perform well even under heavy traffic. Django powers many newspapers’ websites etc. It is a good tech stack for companies that would like to publish a lot of articles with graphics, high-quality photographs, and videos. It is the right choice if you want to build a website for an online magazine or even a big, business blog. Django was also used for developing social media sites before. 

Customizable application development 

This Python-based framework for building backend can probably be used in any industry for quick development of a website or application. It is used in e-commerce, by medical and financial institutions, and many others. Of course, each project is different and each company that creates a business website or application has different priorities, hence Django is not always the best of all choices.

It doesn’t change the fact that it is a great technology if you require a highly customizable application for your clients to use. With Django components that cover the basic features, you can focus on developing those functionalities that will make your application special. There are also multiple additional libraries and plugins you can use to customize your solutions, and it will be possible to integrate it with other business tools available on the market.

Django developers available on the market 

Finding a Django developer with adequate experience may not be so easy. Of course, Python is quite popular nowadays, but still, it may not be easy to hire just the right specialist for your project.

Python developers’ survey from 2019 shows that for 84% of programmers that know and use Python, this language is their “primary skill” on which they focus the most. Most of them use it for data science and web development. In this report, Django was declared the second most popular Python-based framework (just as a next after Flask). According to Statista data about framework usage in 2021, Django is still among the ten most often chosen frameworks.

In theory, there should be quite a lot of Django developers on the market. But…

You don’t only want a developer who knows Django, right? To enhance your team, you require someone with big experience in data science, web development, or other fields. You need an expert — preferably the one who has experience in a similar type of project to yours. Where to look for such, when you are incapable of finding him/her on the employee market?

To hire or to outsource?

Hiring a full-time developer may not always be the best choice. After all, in the case of software or application development, you don’t need an expert specialized in the narrow field of expertise to join your team forever. You want him/her to support your team during the development process and help them deliver the product. Having a highly skilled and experienced programmer on a full-time contract is often cost-inefficient, which is why outsourcing became so popular.

Some decide to outsource total software development services — they simply pay some other company to build a customized, business solution. It is not a good solution, though, if you want to remain in control of the development process and have your in-house team engaged in development too. 

Staff augmentation is probably the best choice if you want to manage a software development project yourself. It can be compared to the renting services — you contact a software house, that hires many experienced Django developers, and choose the one that suits your project needs best. Such a specialist joins your in-house team and acts as your employee during the project, and after it is done, one goes back to his software house.

Hiring Django developer — drawbacks and advantages

There are several benefits of a traditional approach to employment:

  1. The developer works only for you and focuses totally on your project.
  2. The employee already knows the working culture in your company, so you won’t have to waste time onboarding each project.
  3. A full-time programmer can meet with your team in the office.

There are also a few important drawbacks:

  1. Having a full-time, highly specialized Django developer may be very expensive.
  2. A full-time contract is not an option if you only need a Django developer to perform some tasks, and you don’t require his assistance during the entire development process.
  3. If you hire a full-time developer, you have to provide him with a place to work and equipment — that increases the overall costs of the project.

Pros and cons of staff augmentation on projects handled with Django framework

There is a thing or two that some would call the drawbacks of staff augmentation, such as:

  1. Distance — augmented specialists usually work remotely.
  2. Communication difficulties — also related to remote work.
  3. It is an insufficient solution if you require a full-time Django developer in your company.

It is important to mention though that staff augmentation is often the best choice for application or software development, because: 

  1. You can hire a Django developer at any stage of the project and dismiss him from the service when you feel that you don’t need support anymore.
  2. You don’t pay for equipment and additional space in the office.
  3. Software houses employ highly specialized Django developers, so you’ll be able to find just the right expert.
  4. Onboarding and making communication smooth will not be a problem. Our professionals have been working on various projects with various companies. They will quickly adapt to the new environment.

Let’s check why is it worth hiring software developers from Poland.

Outsourcing remote Django developer for the project

It is not difficult to leverage staff augmentation. If you need a highly experienced Django developer for your next project, all you have to do is contact us and explain what kind of skills and experience are needed. We’ll be happy to find in our ranks a Django programmer that will support your in-house team and help you build a great product in no time.

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