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Django is a Python-written framework that boasts immense popularity. It has attracted tremendous interest especially in recent years, but its history is much longer. It was created as early as 2005 and with each subsequent year, it confirmed its greatest strengths – the speed of operation, high level of security and short time needed to go from concept to working application. Today, many web applications use Django, including the most popular ones that we all use every day – YouTube, Google, or Spotify.

Where can Django bring the highest benefits?

Probably the biggest advantage of Django is that it is very versatile. No matter what type of project you intend to pursue, you can be sure that you will not regret this choice. Django is a framework that works great for projects of larger scale and complexity, as well as all those that aspire to become such over time. Reaching for it for smaller projects makes little sense, as the framework configuration itself can consume too much time. If you are planning a really small project and you know that its scale will not increase over time, think about another solution – Flask may work for you.

Project size is one of the criteria for choosing a framework, but of course not the only one. Worldwide examples confirm that Django is well suited for projects that require prototyping or MVP, as well as the creation of various content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) systems, social networks, document management platforms, booking systems, management and planning applications or online shopping platforms.

Why does a business choose Django?

From the perspective of those managing an organization and leading the project, the bottom line is very important. The project should generate specific benefits under the least possible investment. Django does indeed support the implementation of such a scenario. But how? It offers several functionalities and ready-made components that developers can flexibly reach for and thus focus only on the most advanced and demanding parts of the code. As a result, the time required to go from concept to a working application is much shorter, and costs are significantly reduced. Hence, the larger and more complex the project, the potential savings by using Django are correspondingly greater.

You can read more about Django and its capabilities here: What kinds of projects can Django be used for

5 inspiring web app examples using Django

The web applications that have been developed with Django are indeed many. Interesting examples and projects that have managed to reach a massive scale and attract millions of users every day can be enumerated almost endlessly. Their diversity emphasizes the said versatility of Django and unequivocally confirms that choosing this framework is a great chance for the success of the entire project.

Some of the most inspiring examples of web applications developed using this framework include:

#1 Google

Google is an enormous corporation running many different projects. Interestingly, many of them are based on Python, which only confirms its importance and capabilities. Python and the Django framework helped the company create its most important project, the Google search engine. Virtually everyone uses it every day, searching for all sorts of information or websites – which only confirms how effective the combination of Python and Django can be.

#2 Quora

Quora is another great example of a web application using Django. This is a large and very popular website for asking questions about users’ concerns. Want to know what Django is and when to reach for it? You can be sure that you will find many such questions on Quora and dozens of answers added by users of the service. Why did Quora choose Python and Django? The site struggles with similar issues as social networks – that is, having to deal with immense volumes of data and comments, as well as other types of user interactions occurring every second.

#3 Reddit

Reddit is a very popular service that publishes links that lead to the most interesting content on the web – valuable information or interesting publications. Due to its popularity, the interface has been translated into several additional languages, including Polish. Today, it has nearly 175 million registered users who post thousands of comments on the site every day, save individual posts in their favorites, share them on social media and join specific channels. The smooth and reliable functioning of the site is largely due to Python and Django. Although Reddit uses multiple programming languages, most of the site’s key functionality was done in Python.

#4 Mozilla

Mozilla is one of the most popular search engines on the Internet today. Like Google Search, it has to deal with millions of different queries every day. To meet the needs of its users, it has to constantly expand its catalog of additional functionalities, allowing for example automatic clearing of cache files, copying text without original formatting, translation of content into a selected language, or language validation. The growing number of user requests to Mozilla’s API quickly prompted its developers to abandon PHP and CakePHP in favor of the reliable duo: Python and Django.

#5 Pinterest

Django is also perfect for developing projects belonging to the category of social media, which process enormous volumes of data every day and support thousands of different interactions every second – we are talking here about adding comments, pins, or sharing boards. All this, of course, in real-time! Pinterest has grown rapidly in recent years and has reached about 250 million users. To ensure the highest level of performance and the ability to grow with its expanding user base, Pinterest decided to reach for Django, and it probably has no regrets regarding that choice.

Read more about using Django: 7 popular companies that use Django framework 

Simple Django app for your business

Django’s broad applicability makes it perfect for a wide range of projects – both web projects that are made available to anyone interested, as well as simple business applications that can improve business processes in your organization.

If you are just planning to create a web application for your business or a web application that is accessible to the general public, present your needs to us and we will take care of the rest. We will conduct a business analysis, verify the available options and propose a solution tailored exactly to your needs. Using Django, our developers had the opportunity to create, among other things, a personalized web application to manage car-sharing services, combined with a reservation system, which contributed to a reduction in operating costs by as much as 20%. Django also proved to be an excellent choice for developing a web application for risk management, processing massive volumes of data and thus allowing for effective management of the company’s capital.

Are you currently facing similar issues? We can help you find an effective solution.

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