11 Ideas to Promote Your Web Application for Free

Idego Idego • May 29
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Do you have a ready-made MVP for your web application and you’re just starting the first promotional steps for your business? Great! Then this entry is dedicated to you. We are happy to present to you our experience in working with large startups and beginning entrepreneurs. We’ve collected 15 tips for you that you can implement without any risk.

1. Friends and family? This is not always a good idea

It would seem that this is the first and natural step to test your solution. At the moment when you provide B2C services and your friends may find you in the future (they are in this age group, they have a real need to buy your service and their unlimited location) – that’s great!

However, it is not always that our family is in the business market – so conducting any tests does not make the slightest sense, you will simply lose time and do not draw any useful business conclusions from it.

2. Show up on social media with content

Recent challenging times have meant that there is no shortage of content on the Internet, there is simply plenty of it and sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish great content from useless. Your task is to produce content that will be a real value for your client. Showing the process of creating a business or sharing tips or showing the backstage of providing a service or creating a product is a great way to have a conversation with your fans

3. Discuss with people online and offline

In addition to producing content in the standard form of a blog or infographics, it’s worth just talking to people and establishing real relationships. Answering questions on LinkedIn and engaging in discussions with experts is a great opportunity to meet a future customer and promote your web application. Additionally, it is worth going to various industry events, at which it is very easy to meet people who can potentially belong to your target future customers.

Today, the world has moved to the internet, however, every situation facilitating a live meeting of people, especially having a web application for B2B – it is worth doing.

4. Make a promotional video, but a short one

At the very beginning of business promotion you probably won’t find such an accessible, pleasant, and interesting form to show the specifics of your web application. Users definitely prefer graphic content and videos – preferably short, concise and those that say directly what’s going on and what action the user is supposed to take at the end. Show your web application in the most creative way possible!

5. Apply SEO to your website and promote your web application!

This is a long-term effect, which you will not see after a month or probably two. However, the scale effect when positioning your website often makes an amazing impression, and thus results. At the very beginning, you can simply do optimization on the so-called onsite website, and if your application develops you will focus on offsite activities. Such two-sided action will be able to bring fantastic results.

Anyway, who would not want to be on the first page of Google when asked for a proper keyword?

6. Cooperate with business owners

Nothing strengthens your business like a positive reaction from a business person who shows real interest in your web application. It’s great to reach such a person because they have the opportunity to share your solution with the rest of the company. Therefore, it should be one of the first steps, a face to face conversation with people who can quickly boost your web application.

Offer them a free test month, encourage them in a creative way, stand out from the crowd and you will certainly reach the right people.

7. Paste links to your site

Sounds intrusive and unprofessional? No, it’s just a form of promotion. At the beginning of your business, you have to try literally everything, because every form of promotion is the right one. Have you written a short e-mail to dozens of people and forgot to paste the link? This is a huge loss because if even a third of these people clicked on this link, there will be a probability that your website or logo would be remembered or better – they would contact you!

8. Write on Medium and Quora

Of course, it’s better to have blog entries on your own domain so that they can generate great traffic in the future. Unfortunately, at the very beginning, the probability of positioning the entry you care about is almost impossible. Here, the solution are platforms that allow you to write content and have a ready community. You don’t have to do SEO, if your post pleases users, you’ll appear on the first page.

Answering questions on Quora is a sensational way to build a personal brand that inspires trust in you and your web application.

9. Join thematic groups on LinkedIn

Ready communities that you can reach with a few clicks? Groups on LinkedIn are literally thousands of opportunities to show your web application. It is extremely important to join only those groups that are directly correlated with the problem that your web application solves – no one likes spammers.

10. Appear in the podcast

The era of podcasts and audio guides has arrived, people love this form of learning and getting information about the world. Perhaps this is a unique opportunity for you to present yourself in the podcast and appear in it as a speaker who will talk about a topic related to your web application? It is definitely worth trying.

free ways to promote wep app

11. Show web application progress

People love to be kept informed of everyone, even the smallest progress of your project. Thanks to this, they can get closer to you and establish a bond with the application you create.

Promote your web application. Try many ways!

At a time when our programming teams focus on creating the development of an application or project, our friendly founders take a step back and plan marketing activities even before the application saw the light of day. It’s a good, pragmatic approach that will facilitate the process of promoting your web application.

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