Women’s and Men’s Day vs. remote work and our solution for celebrating together

Idego Idego • Mar 09
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Employee Webinar: What do I see when my mind shows a bluescreen?  Cognitive errors caused by coherence necessity. 

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8, but increasingly and more often we also celebrate Men’s Day on March 10.
This year, we decided to focus on making it a joint celebration of both holidays. In addition to traditional wishes, we organized a webinar for employees and their loved ones.

What do I see when my mind shows a bluescreen? Cognitive errors caused by coherence necessity is the title of the webinar led by a great lecturer, a PhD in psychology – Radosław Sterczyński.
The subject we talked about was cognitive errors, as well as a bit of theory about how our brain processes work.

Because where do stereotypes come from (including gender stereotypes) if not as a result of heuristics in our consciousness?

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