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Top 5 practices to successful remote project development

The COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down, changing our lifestyle and habits. We started looking for opportunities where we had never seen before, to adapt to the forced changes. The social distance made us leave our offices and switch to online work, putting a permanent status on Slack – “working remotely.” It’s a big challenge for companies to maintain the same quality working remotely, but Idego actually has been basing its business value on remote work for 11 years now. That is why connecting your team with our remote developers is one of our many experts. We have some knowledge to share with you.

#1: Establish a smooth work process.

Establishing the details before project starts is one of the core needs, but also challenges. This practice is essential for both sides and allows providing a clear vision of future collaboration, so both the developers’ team and client know what to expect during the work. 

In this way, we immediately prevent unnecessary communication issues and empower our collaboration skills. No less important are: good time management and organizational skills, which will make sure to deliver work by the deadline (and reduce stress!). It can sound trite, but from our experience, we know how it can affect the duration of a project and the effectiveness of the development team

In Idego, we can not imagine a good and effective collaboration without a clear communication line between the client and the dedicated team. As a result, we do not hesitate to make daily/weekly statuses. We receive enjoyment from a process, minimum stress, a finished project by the set deadline, and great testimonials from our partners.

#2: A realistic timeframe and project review. 

“As soon as possible, please” – sounds great and quite optimistic, but still unclear, to say the least. What we actually need – realistic timeframe and it’s a claim needed not only for the IT team but mostly for the client. 
This basic practice is also essential for project estimation, but what is more important – it helps to avoid additional and unpredictable costs by establishing all the features before: scope, timeframes, budget, timeframes, and risks.

#3: Use effective tools for remote communication and workflow

Nothing helps a team to be more productive as a remote project management software backup. It’s necessary not only in terms of productivity and organizational issues, but creates a space for the IT team to communicate, collaborate and access all the work-related data as well.

The effective tool that you use will help you to:

  1. Track the progress of tasks and deadlines.
  2. Assign tasks to different employees.
  3. Simplify the communication process between the team.
  4. Give the information to daily and future tasks to accomplish a project.
  5. Make tasks more consistent from beginning to end.

Our last piece of advice is not to hesitate to put all the comments (like “set deadlines”) on each task you currently work on. It allows you to see the project manager and product owner at which stage you are and what issues you have.

#4: Adapt the working process to the needs of both the customer and the employees

This is not only a matter of organization but also of the client’s attitude to the team. Creating favorable conditions for the work of your team is an important objective (e.g time zones). No less important is to trust your team members and give them space. It’s not about putting your weight on the line, but since we are not working mainly in the office, and often in different time zones, your employees need some kind of boundaries to outline their work hours. You can’t expect everyone to be present at the same time, but what you should do instead – to discuss work schedules in advance.  Productive work is also based on mutual respect.

#5: Provide clear feedback and day to day meetings

As Elon Musk said: “Actively seek out and listen carefully to negative feedback”, which will be the source for polishing your employees’ skills. Project managers should be comfortable in giving both positive and negative comments. Remember about constructive feedback instead of criticism. At the same time, do not forget to recognize an employee’s efforts when he/she performs well.

Why should you choose us as a partner?

The remote mode didn’t come to us with a first lockdown but rather was one of our foundations from the very beginning. We know how to make remote work structured, organized with effective outcomes for both clients and our IT developers team

Getting through hundreds of projects, we have developed a framework that will help achieve effective results within the set timeframe. Where others see obstacles, we see ourselves as a possibility to establish a smooth work process and use the time efficiently to achieve the desired results set by the client. 

Remote work is not a barrier to giving our client full access to the latest technologies and trends, but even helps to connect with a great and experienced dedicated team of professionals.

You may ask: “But what benefits would I gain by collaboration with Idego?”

  1. We bring your product vision into life and deliver it on time.
  2. Full access to the latest technologies and trends.
  3. Efficient software support matching your specific needs.
  4. Real technical partnership based on RTA (respect-transparency-accountability).
  5. Support in a wide range of fields with providing IT experts in a short time.

The experienced remote developers are ready to join your team now!

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