JavaScript and frameworks created in that language can be used for both backend and frontend parts of an application. Better knowledge about available technologies will help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a tech stack for your next project.

JavaScript has a considerable number of backend and frontend frameworks that can be used for mobile and web application development. Some are used more than others – that does not mean, however, that choosing the less popular tech stack is always a bad choice. Read about JavaScript-based technologies and learn how they can be used for developing a business application.

Javascript – what do you need to know?

JavaScript is a programming language used by developers for building interactive elements in applications that will engage end-users of the app. It is more popular as a technology for frontend (client-side) development, but may also be a good choice for backend (server-side).

Why choose React.JS for the business project?

React is one of the most popular, open-source frontend technologies. It was created by Jordan Walke – a software engineer working for Facebook. This JavaScript library allows creating reusable UI components that are independent of each other, so if some feature of an app fails, others will still work without any problems. React can be used for complex, large web applications that will be able to change data without reloading the page. The main reason for using this technology is that it enables developers to build fast, scalable applications using quite simple code.

What is it used for?

It is used for building the frontend of an application. Developers can create a user interface (UI) for single-page applications. This technology can be leveraged for web and native, mobile apps’ development – for example for Android or iOS.

Application examples

Facebook is the company, where the React.js library was created. It was used to assure immediate uploading of Facebook web page elements. Thanks to using React, Facebook users can see updated information without constantly reloading the whole page – latest comments, likes, or posts. 

Netflix leveraged React to redesign its user interface. For the company, it was crucial to improving the speed and overall performance. React is Netflix’s main tool for frontend development, and it was used for ensuring the high satisfaction of the platforms’ users.

Why does Angular remain popular?

Angular is also an open-source technology for frontend development. Like React, it can be used for building user interfaces. It was built with Model-View-Controller architecture. It uses two-way data binding to reduce development time – this way there is no need for writing additional code to ensure continual View and Model synchronization. Angular is a very popular framework and has a strong community that created numerous applications.

For what kind of projects is it good for?

AngularJS is used for creating dynamic web applications. It can be used for SPA and PWA development, creating mobile applications that may work in offline mode and it is suitable for any type of enterprise and e-commerce application.

Who used it?

Gmail was developed as a SPA app. Each time when the user opens Google mailbox, the application is loading one single HTML page and updates information dynamically. That is how users can see new messages or notifications. Angular handles all actions within a single webpage. 

Magazine giant Forbes is yet another company that used Angular. A publishing company of this magnitude required a page that would load fast and be responsive to ensure the best user experience for its readers. It was achieved by using Angular for frontend development.

Vue.JS – best of both worlds?

Vue.js is a framework often chosen by developers for building the frontend of an application. The core library focuses on the view layer of applications built with MVC architecture. Vue.js can be used with different architectural approaches as well. It may be integrated into other frameworks – such as React – to build customized solutions for businesses. It is also compatible with multiple backend technologies like Laravel, Django, and others.

For what kind of projects is it good for?

The first application for this framework was prototyping. Vuj.js is another technology that can be used for building web interfaces and desktop, mobile, and single-page applications.

Who used it?

Nintendo uses this technology in many ways. Some versions of their website were developed with Vue.js. This framework was also used for My Nintendo network with its unique reward system. 

Such technology may also be used for other types of platforms. BMW built a car configurator with Vue. It enables end-users to see how the car of their dreams would look like. Users may choose from different colors, wheels, and other components.

What are the benefits of using Node.JS?

If you are searching for backend technology, you should learn more about Node.js. It provides a non-blocking IO system that enables developers to process large numbers of requests simultaneously. Node has a lot of useful libraries and it is an open-source technology. Use it for backend development, and you can benefit from full-stack JavaScript development – you will gain an efficient, fast and performative application.

What is it used for in business?

It is quite often used for chat and chat-bot development. Node.js is also a good choice if you are about to build a solution that will process data in real-time. This technology has many applications – most often it is applied in projects where performance and scalability are of the highest priority.

What kinds of applications were created with Node.js?

LinkedIn used Ruby on Rails first but then decided to switch to Node.js (2011). By doing so, their team managed to optimize the LinkedIn mobile application. Node.js allowed LinkedIn to cut down resources while improving performance. 

Node.js can also be used for e-commerce platform developments. Groupon switched from Ruby on Rails to Node.js just as LinkedIn did, but they have migrated not only their mobile but also web traffic. Groupon’s applications gained higher scalability and also reduced resource requirements.

Mithril – the framework for Single Page Applications development only?

Mithril may be small, but it is still quite popular among JavaScript developers. It is a JavaScript-based technology used for client-side development. Mithril enables fast rendering. If you try to compare it to other JavaScript frontend technologies you will realize, that is very small. It still has an active community that is using it and thanks to its size and simplicity it is easy to learn and use for small projects.

Mithril’s application

The most popular use for this compact, but the fast framework is building Single Page Applications. It is used for frontend development.

Usage examples

There are several smaller companies using Mithril. You can find a lot of SPA applications written with Mithril, although it is rather hard to find an example of a single large enterprise that would use it. It was chosen, however, by many smaller businesses as the technology best fit for the scale of the applications they required.

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