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Move your business online: 6 reasons why you should do it right now!

Many entrepreneurs are afraid that the transfer of a business to the Internet involves costly investments in hardware and software for remote work or a technological revolution that they cannot cope with. Fortunately, in the era of web applications, all processes have been optimized and you will be able to easily transfer your business to the Internet! 

Reason 1 – Maintain financial liquidity of your business

A smooth transition to online is not only a way to maintain financial liquidity but also to gain a competitive advantage. When the economic situation stabilizes, those who adapt to the new situation will gain the largest market share. If you run a company in the consulting, beauty, property or property rental, fitness industry, or you are involved in stationary trading, you can literally transfer your whole business from offline to online.

Reason 2 – Increase global brand visibility

By transferring your business to the Internet via the development of your own web or mobile application, you are able to reach completely new customers who are just waiting to make a purchase. Creating such a project is not a big cost of time and money compared to the enormity of business opportunities, visibility on the Internet, which are just waiting for your move. 

The brand’s reach can be promoted in many ways, but the most important thing is that in addition to the promotion itself and the costs incurred – the first profits from your investments come. While promotion on Facebook can bring a good result, proposing your clients their own ecosystem in which they can set up an account and use your services and products is a much better idea.

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Reason 3 – A chance to enter into new business relationships

Once you find a trusted company that will create a dedicated team of programmers for you that will create your web application in iterative increments – a huge number of business queries from other industries will appear. Entering into cooperation while moving a business from offline to online is one great opportunity for new relationships. It is much easier to establish relationships on the Internet. Thanks to the availability of social media, business groups, and ads, you can easily reach completely new customers.

Reasons 4 – Combine the availability of the web application with a large amount of data

A custom web application provides improved monitoring and analysis of results. It works out efficient, cheaper and quicker ways of collecting, consolidating and transferring data. Improves profitability through the integration and simplification of company processes. The web apps are based on web browsers, and they can be reached from anywhere and on any Internet-enabled computer, offering greater usability and portability. 

The more information you’ll be able to obtain, the closer you will be to your clients via the web or mobile application. A small rebate code on your birthday or a reminder to the user that he came out of your site with non-purchased items is a great thing!

Reason 5 – You will learn a lot about your customers

Such knowledge will be useful mainly to match the message to people interested in your services. Having a stationary business you are not able to obtain a large amount of information about your customers. With your own mobile or web application, you’ll be able to come back via email or remarketing with ads on Facebook or Google. As a result, you are able to non-invasively remind yourself of your customers and offer them new services and products.

Often, you can also interact with your clients using a blog, vlog or creating e-books or other content. Any type of interaction that makes your business more open to dialogue with customers is a great decision! People like when they are offered to share knowledge, which may be useful to them or they get something special or free. If you give business consultations, maybe as a part of promoting your transition to the Internet a great idea would be to offer a free 20-minute consultation?

Reason 6 – Convenience, payment facilitation and simplicity!

Running a stationary business is a much more burdensome activity than doing exactly the same activities via the web application. Your customers would also prefer to sit comfortably at home and make purchases in your store. Freedom in making payments and selecting services and items means that a huge amount of sales today takes place in the Internet space. 

Thanks to the Internet, you are able to offer your services 24/7 – you can literally sell every minute thanks to the automation of marketing and sales activities. When you work alone in your office, you serve a certain number of customers during the day, in the case of automated business, this problem disappears.

Is moving business online hard? Not necessarily!

After reading this post, you can see yourself that going online with the Internet is primarily a huge number of business opportunities to promote your business and attract new customers. In addition, thanks to efficient business automation, you are able to guarantee your clients 24-hour service. If you still have doubts and would like to ask a few questions to a person who knows the answer – contact our experts!

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