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Looking for first job as software developer? Check out our Internship FAQ!

Hi, nice to meet you!
So, you’ve just earned your bachelor’s degree and  want to take first professional steps as a software developer.
If you also want to know if Idego is a good place for it – keep reading, as here we answer most frequently asked questions. 

1.What is actually the stuff that you do?

At Idego we are dedicated to delivering great software for variety of business purposes.  We create web applications based on blockchain, build complex IoT systems, as well as we deliver machine learning projects. We work mostly for international clients: fintech companies, industrial partners and innovative startups.

2. What is the technological stack used by Idego Group?

Well, it’s huge and still evolving. Our core technology is Python ( and related frameworks, mostly Django and Flask), but we’re also using Javascript/Typescript and are quite into the variety of JS solutions (Angular, React, Vue, Node.js) as well as Redis,  SQL and noSQL databases. We use also Solidity, Kotlin and Clojure. And from devops perspective, we operate mostly on AWS infrastructure, using Docker, Nginx, Swagger or Kubernetes. We use also other tools like  Celery, GIT, Jenkins, Jira, Bitbucket, Trello, Asana – to help us reach best quality of solutions.


3. What a beginner or intern may expect from you?

First of all: well organised 3 months internship with the opportunity for further cooperation.

Great, supportive team and challenging projects that will help you empower your career as Software Developer;

Super convenient work conditions &  flexible working schedule;

Lunches on Friday, English lessons with native speaker, PS4 and table football in our office in Gdynia;

Cool and friendly relations – we care about ourselves, our clients and projects we do together!  

We are neither the agency giving you projects from time to time, nor huge corporation where you are a “dev XYZ”.  At Idego – you matter!


4. What skills do you expect from the intern?

We are thrilled to help you launch your career and take first and further steps in commercial projects, supporting you anytime you need – but we won’t teach you technology. So we expect that you’ll join us  having the strong basics of Python, understanding of OOP, and operational skills in Linux. We give bonus points for fluency in English and some operational skills in Javascript and HTML5/CSS3.

5. Is remote cooperation possible?

We think that remote internship is not the best idea, so we organise it at our office in Gdynia, where you have the easiest access to your buddy. But after your level of autonomy as a developer grows – sure, working remotely is not a problem for us.

6. Is internship at Idego paid or compensation-free?

Paid. You learn, but you also participate in real projects and your code will be used – so the compensation is quite obvious. Naturally it is not on the same level as if you were autonomous developer – but it rises with your experience and results provided.

7. Is half time internship something you would consider?

Unfortunately not. It won’t be efficient enough for the growth of your skills, and in the same time: it would complicate our workflow. So if you are interested in part time only – we would rather recommend you spending this time on i.e. codewars or personal projects, and applying to us when your availability is be closer to full -time.


8. What’s the story behind Idego?

In 2010 two friends, Piotr & Krzysztof, have decided that, as they share passion for creating web applications (especially in Python),  innovative approach to business and value trust above all else, it is just perfect foundation to cooperate and build something together.
But not just “something anyhow”. They wanted to create a company where one may build great applications that solve real business problems, while providing perfect conditions for work and personal development.
And now, with impressive portfolio of clients and innovative technology stack, Idego is the living example of how to go from idea to reality.


10. What is the general ambience in Idego Team?

Informal. 🙂 But also full of mutual trust & respect, that allows us to effectively work as well as have fun that is impossible to forget 🙂 On daily basis we communicate a lot, help each other, share ideas and best tools. We believe that each of us is a responsible human being so each of us benefits from having quite a lot of autonomy.  


11. How to contact you?

Visit our website, contact us via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also simply drop us an email to [email protected].
Looking forward to hearing from you!

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