Idego Talks #2 Postman – operations on data you have never seen before!

Idego Idego • May 11
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Webinar of Idego Talks series with Paweł!

Postman is a REST testing tool that provides key HTTP request functionality in a plugin-based, desktop-based GUI. You can use it to create HTTP requests and submit them to the Azure Digital Twins REST API.

The API is an interface for the tester (developer too) that allows us to communicate with what’s going on over the inter connectors. We test the API to check its robustness and its error handling to avoid incorrect operations.

But it’s also worth to know

  • how to pass variables so that they can be used in more than one collection,
  • how to build your tests by navigating the JSON that is returned to us (although not always so nice and obvious and
  • how to make a loop that will check if the job run a moment before has already been executed?

You will get to know also is it possible to do more in Postman than send a request, expect a response and test it using snippets?

This is what you will learn from Paweł, our Senior QA Engineer, who talks about Postman features that you might not have known about before.

The recording of the webinar is available on our YouTube channel:

* we conducted the webinar in Polish

About the presenter

Paweł, an experienced Senior QA Engineer, the founder of Fabryka Testów.

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