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IDEGO in top app developers in Poland!

At IDEGO GROUP, we know just how important it is to be visible to great companies that are interested in partnering with an equally exceptional web and mobile software company. We know that we’re the experts when it comes to software, but we need this information to be accessible to potential clients.

That’s why we looked to Clutch. Clutch is a research firm based in Washington, D.C. that’s committed to identifying the leaders in a variety of industries, such as advertising and marketing, web and software development, mobile app development and IT consulting. Given the care they show in their research and profiles, we knew that Clutch would help IDEGO GROUP receive the visibility we need.

Clutch had IDEGO GROUP create a detailed online profile based on a detailed questionnaire. From our responses, Clutch created graphics and charts for our profile to help potential clients easily see which industries and clients we work with most often. While we could go on and on about the many facets of our profile, we happen to like the reviews section the best!

We are pleased the Clutch has listed us a Market Leader as one of the best Python development shops in the world. Due to our strong client testimonials for large European clients, we have placed in the worldwide top 10 in this category! This is especially exciting because Clutch has ranked over sixty firms in this area and we stood out amongst the crowd of talented competitors. We have also been ranked as a top 10 Polish software developer, another award we are very proud to share with our friends.

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