Halloween 2021

It’s become our little tradition. We change the darkest holiday of the year into a festival of slightly spooky fun with a positive message!

This year we decided to continue our Halloween competition and once again turn into Ghostbusters.

Team Game

The first stage of our Halloween game involved puzzles, designed to lead individual team members to find each other and guess what monster was behind the sometimes enigmatic description. And that’s how 9 teams were formed on our main Slack channel, and in the next stage they were tasked with the daunting challenge of capturing a rampaging ghost!

Online and offline competition

In the second stage, the teams overcame a succession of riddles pointing them to the place where the ghost was hiding. And that’s how teams, whose members work from the office every day, roamed our rooms (and not only) in search of envelopes. Teams working remotely discovered new places in virtual space, solved puzzles and broke passwords protecting files. The riddles, although carefully prepared, turned out to be quite simple when everyone actively mobilized to complete the entire game.

For charity

The prize was not only honor and glory, but also 1000 PLN, which each team could donate to a charity of their choice. This is how we are supporting this year:

It’s worth taking a look at the profiles and websites if you also want to support the foundations of our choice. Each of them is close to our hearts.


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