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How we Started CSR in our Software House

When the company grows, it brings benefits in various fields. We know that usually, we focus on achieving business goals, but we never forget that first of all: we are people. And as people, we feel and are aware of others’ harms and their needs.

To direct our CSR activity, at first, we asked our team in a short survey about the causes they want to support as Idego. The answers were anonymous, and the results were as follows:

When we heard about Pomeranian hospice – Hospicjum Pomorze Dzieciom and its needs, we couldn’t stay unmoved. It’s the place where the main rule is: “If we can’t add more days in our children’s lives, we’ll add more life in their days.” Wonderful people who work there make everything brings joy to the lives of those who had to grow up too fast.

Whole Idego Team decided to do everything to support kids, who are there. Our HR Manager Maja Augustynek contacted board chairman of the hospice Ewa Liegman to get more details what are the most urgent needs. We received a list of medical equipment which is crucial for daily work in hospice. Our CEO Piotr Groza and CTO Krzysztof Gibas confirmed the provision of medical equipment worth 3 000 PLN which fulfilled the needs of the hospice.

But we wanted to do more. Our team wanted to be engaged more directly to spread joy to others. It was not so obvious how to do this, because some of our colleagues work remotely, so they couldn’t deliver anything to our office in Tricity, but we figured out how every one of us can add something. We learned that the hospice takes care of the whole family, including brothers and sisters of their wards, and it makes a great psychological difference if the hospice is able to grant them also a bit of happiness, for example by providing unexpected presents and gifts.

So, those of Idego team who are in Gdynia presented lots of toys and sweets as gifts and those who work remotely set a regular money transfer to give them financial support.

I’m happy to be part of the company, which is not only focused on gaining success but wants to spread the joy to others – especially to those who need it the most!

Thank you IDEGO Team!

If you want to support Pomeranian hospice – Hospicjum Pomorze Dzieciom still needs help. More information you can find here:

They will be also grateful for any financial help.

Hospice Pomorze Dzieciom

Title: „An Angel for the Hospicjum Pomorze Dzieciom”

Bank account number: 33 1090 1098 0000 0001 2428 2268 Santander Bank

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