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How to choose the technology stack for your web application?

It is interesting that from year to year there are small innovations in the world of technology, and thus programming languages. There are “fashionable” programming languages, interesting frameworks and new methods of software development. If you are a person who has no technical facilities behind him and words such as Django, Java Spring, Node.JS, Scrum, Waterfall or MVP seem foreign to you – find a trusted software provider.  In this text you will learn how to effectively choose a great technological stack for your web application.

What is tech stack and why do you need it?

A variety of requirements need to be taken into consideration when evaluating the tech stack — and component inside, and all of them together, directly translates into the consistency, efficiency and usability of a web application.  So it’s worth answering the question of what a technological stack really is.

A tech stack is the combination of the programming languages and software products used to create your web application. Web applications have two components to the software. Client-side and server-side, respectively also known as front-end and back-end. 

A technology stack is nothing but a set of all programmable languages, frameworks and technological solutions implemented in the project. Web applications have two components to the software. Client-side and server-side, respectively also known as front-end and back-end.

What Is a Web Application?

A web application is a solution that sits between a website and a standard application in an operating system. This means, among other things, that the interaction with the user is most often possible via a standard web browser.

The web application consists of data and a mechanism for its delivery in the form of dynamically generated web pages. You do not need to install it as all resources are available at the specified URL. In this type of application, interaction can be provided by forms, which is similar to using regular websites.

Is there something like the best technology stack for your project?

At the very beginning of searching for a best technology stack it could seem that there’s so much technologies available on the market. That’s a true statement actually, but finally you’re supposed to choose some of those. It all depends on the specific of the project that you’re going to create – Python? Java? Node.JS or PHP? Alright, but despite of the programming language, you’re supposed to choose the frameworks and software development methodologies. Although, it’s not as hard as finding a proper software house. 

Answering to the question asked – yes, there’s ALWAYS a ready-to-go technological setup for your project. Before agreeing for the very final version of your tech stack, you should get acquainted with experts opinions. All of software development agencies that you’re going to contact will help you out with this issue. Let the professionals get acquainted with your project, its functionalities that it should contain – and you will receive a specific technological stack tailored to your project.

choose technology stack

How to choose the technology stack for your web application

To choose a great technology stack, you should answer 5 questions and focus on 5 specific elements. Check them out below:

  1. Project security

When creating a project for the financial or insurance industry – it is extremely worth focusing on security and selecting technologies that are often used by financial startups, banks and other financial institutions. The security of your future customers is the most important thing, and technologies such as JAVA, Python or PHP are able to guarantee full data protection thanks to their proven frameworks.

In addition, when you direct your product or service to the European market – it is worth mentioning GDPR, European law, which pays special attention to the safety of the data concerned.

  1. Specifics and type of project

As we mentioned earlier, the financial and insurance industries require specific and proven programming languages ​​and technology stack. In the case of other industries, such as automotive, e-commerce or biological, it will be knowledge of the market and the provision of technologies that have relevant frameworks. 

When you create a machine learning project, it would be good to choose a programming language rich in ready-made solutions that will shorten your development time.

  1. Long-term business goal

Before creating a web application for your business, it is worth getting acquainted with the requirements and needs of your customers. Ultimately, the solution you create is to serve your customers, not your ideas and the application’s operation. When your solution will have to handle thousands of queries a day sometimes, you should choose a solid and stable programming language such as Python.

  1. Business cost

As a rule, software development is expensive, programmers earn a lot – these numbers do not come out of nowhere, expert knowledge is very expensive today. Few people have the know-how to create global solutions that will be loved by millions. Reaching out to such programmers is often a huge challenge, not to mention their costs. Python and JAVA developer rates are quite similar, oscillating around $ 115,000 a year in the US. 

If you are looking for a senior blockchain developer in a specific programming language, who will also have to be able to implement artificial intelligence or big data technologies for your project – the costs will increase several times. The annual cost of employing such a developer is about $ 180,000.

Bet on a proven technology stack, do not experiment

If you finally decide to develop a web application solution – you realize that a possible mistake in the selection of the technological stack can be very expensive. So don’t listen to “market trends”, just look at everything macro. If Python or JAVA have been on the market for several good years and their popularity is constantly growing, this is a great sign for you. Create a team of developers, testers, designers and project managers who will make sure that the project is created in the best conditions – do not experiment, put on proven solutions that will ensure development.

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