German edition

How we created the ranking

The startup technological scene in Berlin is huge. That is why our next list of companies you should be familiar with is this city.

Berlin counts 182.214 companies on its territory which places it at the sixth position of the German region.

We selected 27 e-commerce companies from this huge, constantly growing market. E-commerce is nothing more than selling goods or services via the Internet. It would seem like a simple matter. Nothing could be more wrong, only professionals know how to maximize profits and solve their clients’ problems. See which companies are doing this incredibly effectively!

List of 27 companies from Berlin that create a new quality in e-commerce!

Lesara – company boasts an international team who make it their mission to provide customers with a wide range of quality fashion and lifestyle products at the best possible price. They are changing the face of the fashion industry with agile retail. – provides a cloud-based platform for B2B2C CRM and Digital Marketing solutions. We assist global category leaders with distributed sales organizations to implement tools, processes, and analytics.

Spectrm – the conversational marketing platform that powers many of the world’s leading chatbots.

Montredo – trusted online retailer for luxury watches based in the vibrant start-up scene of Berlin Mitte. Our goal is to become the No. 1 online luxury watch retailer worldwide, and we’re on our way.

Stilnest – the strong-growing, international influencer commerce platform with its headquarters in Berlin. We empower digital influencers to kickstart their own product brands, engage with their customers worldwide.

unu – was created to enable you to make the most of your life in the city. Designed in Berlin. Engineered in Germany. At home in all cities.

JUNIQE –  the lifestyle brand for curated and affordable wall art, home accessories, stationery, and gifts. Our team of professionals works to help customers make their houses their homes by bringing art into their lives. – we make repairs easy. In this way we avoid electronic waste together, save valuable resources and protect the environment!

VALMANO – since its launch in 2013, the company has become the most popular German online store for Watches & Jewelry. Our target is to become the most successful, most trustworthy, and most customer-oriented online jeweler in Europe.

ChartMogul – an analytics platform to help you run your subscription business. You get a complete overview of your global subscriber base; MRR, ARPU, ASP, churn and LTV are presented in a beautiful and easy-to-use dashboard.

EyeEm – an AI-powered marketplace for premium photos. The Berlin-based company is the largest community of photographers and one of the largest photography marketplaces in the world.

Milk the Sun – combines the world’s largest online photovoltaic marketplace for operational PV systems with a free solar asset management tool, and a vast services portfolio.

Aeyde stands for a new era of cosmopolitan fashion: High-end contemporary footwear designs for women, sold at affordable prices.

re2you – offers deep user-centricity and seamless integration in a fragmented technological landscape.

Detectum – a comprehensive e-commerce search provider.

Grover – search as a service with self-learning ranking and recommendation engine. Our product search is a robust onsite search solution that takes in structured data and user logs to render highly relevant results.

TIER Mobility – our vision is to lead the way towards seamless and sustainable mobility joyful for everyone. We rethink urban transportation and reshape our cities’​ landscapes by offering easy-accessible and affordable mobility services.

LoanLink – a rapidly growing startup reinventing the home buying experience in Germany by transforming an outdated and painful process with technology and innovation.

Belyntic -modern therapeutic approaches face the challenge to combine efficacy, low undesired side effects, and reasonable pricing.

Zenfulfillment our vision is to build the world’s leading, technology-driven logistical infrastructure in a single platform that turns every delivery into a forward-looking, transparent, and seamless experience.

Zenloop – a SaaS retention management platform based on the Net Promoter Score®. Zenloop enables companies to collect customer feedback from various channels with high response rates of 30%-50% and analyzes it.

LEMONCAT – an online marketplace for high-quality business catering. They help customers in finding the best catering solutions for their company – easy, fast, and directly online.

YEAY – a quickly-growing new video e-commerce experience that is redefining what it means to buy and sell on a mobile device. We make shopping fun and entertaining, allowing everyone to buy with a swipe.

Horizn Studios – a fast-paced digital travel venture based in Berlin. Horizn has been growing fast thanks to our digital approach to creating the leading travel brand for the next generation.

SEVEN SENDERS – the leading delivery platform optimizes the entire delivery process. Therefore we connect shippers to prime last mile carriers in Germany, Europe, and the world.

Travelcircus – a fast ­growing online booking platform giving people the ability to book premium, quality checked, and unique hotels packaged with hotel services and exciting local activities at an exclusive price. –  a furniture portal. All of the products that users find on aren’t sold directly by them, but rather by one of our 250 partner shops.

Wrapping up Berlin e-commerce companies

The order of the list of companies is completely random and the position of the company does not matter.

As you can see, the industry is the same – but the spectrum of services/items is very diversified. All these companies differ enormously from each other, but they have one thing in common – Berlin origin, you can’t buy it!

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