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CSR activities and charity goals

Interview with Dominika Kureczko, HR Specialist at Idego Group

What is corporate social responsibility?

Leading a company is a huge responsibility not only regarding business development, but also regarding influence on the environment. As Idego we are aware that constant growth oblige us to care about others too. That’s why we are supporting some charities and plan to be involved in similar events all the time. We know that constant support is very important, but from time to time we organize also some spontaneous charity events. Formally it’s called corporate social responsibility, so all actions which are taken to care about social and environment aspects of the current world.

What CSR activities have you implemented over the last year?

This year was especially hard for all, so we focused on helping others even more than ever. We started at the beginning of pandemic by participating in hackathon.  We created an app, which enable to connect donors and institution which needed a specific help. Participating in #GaszynChallenge allowed us both to engage our employees (doing push-ups is a piece of cake for some, and a challenge for others) and, most importantly, we added an appropriate amount to the collection for Tosia’s treatment. Halloween was not only an opportunity for us to have fun, but we also decided to play an online game where the winners could choose which charity to donate their winnings to. We wanted to make sure it was something in line with their values, rather than a top-down choice of which organization to support. The mobilization to win was greater than ever. As a result, we were able to support organizations such as:  Fundacja Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, CiapkowoFundacja Dzieciom “Zdążyć z Pomocą“​, Fundacja Wszystko Jest Możliwe, Pomorskie Hospicjum, Łódzkie Hospicjum dla Dzieci – Ł I must also mention our adoption last year of Ball python – Bursztynek, whom we support thanks to the Epicrates Foundation.

Where did the idea to adopt a Ball python come from?

We had been looking for an opportunity to support an organization on an regular basis for some time. We are all close to animal problems, but we went a little unconventional. Instead of supporting a dog shelter, which is the most common option, we decided to support an exotarium in Lublin, which cares for snakes, among others. Our heart was stolen by Bursztynek the Ball python, which we adopted and regularly pay for its care. The inspiration to adopt this particular animal was one of the technologies that almost every Idego developer is familiar with – the Python programming language. Although its name comes from Monty Python, the association with the snake is the most present in the environment. 

Has anything changed in CSR activities during the pandemic?  

For more than a year we have been aware of how difficult the situation is for food service establishments. We had a long-standing tradition of Friday lunches together, and in recent months we have extended this to two extra days a week, so three times a week as a company we order meals from Tri-City restaurants. And we are delighted that not only can we help these places survive in the market, but also how tasty this help is! 

What is the involvement of employees in charity activities?

Our employees are keen to get involved in helping others. Starting with the Hackathon, which took them all weekend, to choosing the organizations we support financially. When we donated medical equipment to a hospice during one Christmas as Idego, our team included gifts – toys and sweets to make the time more enjoyable for the children. There were so many packages that they barely fit under the Christmas tree! They also regularly ask how our Bursztynek is, and together we think of what present to send him 😉  A nice memento is also a video from the #GaszynChallenge, where several of our employees exercise to donate as much money as possible to support Tosia’s treatment. 

Are there any specific CSR activities planned for the coming year?

Currently, we will continue our ongoing activities – supporting the exotarium and taking care of local catering businesses. Any additional activities appear with us contextually. We prefer to respond to current needs and are willing to engage in spontaneous charity actions, as was the case with the #GaszynChallenge or WOŚP. We are convinced that this combination of constant and contextual support can do the most good. 

Dominika Kureczko, HR Specialist at Idego Group

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