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Product Pitch

WatchScript monitors the performance and availability of a website by detecting server problems. The system immediately informs the website administrator about spotted errors. This way the time of website being unavailable to users is reduced and the product continues to generate traffic. WatchScript is a perfect solution for companies that face financial losses with every slight error on their website or web application.

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  • Automated website performance
  • System integration with a mobile phone
  • Integration with a reporting tool


Time reduced on website unavailability


Website conversion boost


Quicker admin response



When a server encounters a severe problem while functioning, the website or web application that is built on it becomes unavailable to users. Since many companies rely on their web product to generate revenues, a non-functioning website is a huge financial loss for them. Wanting to prevent such situations from happening, our client came up with the idea to create a website monitoring system. The solution would ensure that websites are always available.


We integrated the website monitoring system with the reporting tool. This way the website admin can generate various reports to see a summary of server problems of a given day, week or month. The alerts and reports are sent to the web admin informing about the current website status.

We also wanted to make the configuration of the WatchScript system as convenient as possible. The website monitoring software was supposed to be available online without the need to install additional hardware or browser extensions.


As a result, we made a performance and availability monitoring solution for websites, servers, and web applications. WatchScript is a comprehensive monitoring platform that helps deliver the best possible web experience to customers.

The WatchScript system functionalities

Various forms of testing

WatchScript ensures website performance monitoring through various tests including HTTP, https, ping, FTP, SMTP, pop3, DNS, sip. It allows full control over the availability of servers and applications. It is also possible to define the interval between the tests. It can be set to a frequency of 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes. What’s more, all tests are carried out on external WatchScript servers.

Report generation

WatchScript generates reports based on the chosen data and timeframe. The reports can be sent daily, weekly, or monthly. They contain uptime, the total number of tests, and errors as well as descriptions of errors. Test results are displayed on different types of charts to make the comparison of data clear and even more convenient.

Easy system configuration

WatchScript does not require any additional software or hardware installation. A convenient, professional administration panel is available online via a web browser. The configuration is simple and intuitive.

Project summary

WatchScript helped limit the time of website unavailability, reducing it by 80%.

Using the website monitoring software companies have much greater control over their products and can get insight into the frequency of server problems. The convenient system integration with a mobile phone ensured an immediate response of our client to website alerts. The website monitoring software contributed to a 45% conversion boost of our client’s online product.

The ability to really understand the product is crucial in these types of projects. We devoted some extra time to think through all functionalities and the product purpose.

Piotr Groza,
Idego Group, CEO and Co-founder

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