Oceanscore – application to evaluate the reliability, sustainability, and environmental performance of ships

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2020 – ongoing

Team composition

3 DEVs – Frontend

2 DEVs – Backend

2 Product Managers

UX/UI Designer




  • Creation of an application to evaluate sustainable and reliable maritime
    logistics for all stakeholders in the entire shipping industry.
  • Delivery of PoC.
  • Delivery of first live version.
  • Optimisation of data processing solutions.

How Idego helped

  • Application development and UX/UI design.
  • Implementation of data analysis methodology using Pandas.
  • Implementation of tracking tools and scenarios.
  • Optimisation of data processing by implementation of ML algorithms and
  • The flexibility of work tailored to customer needs.

“Thanks to lower costs – we didn’t have to hire programmers for our office; we didn’t have to expand the office space – all these things were on the Idego Group’s side.”

Albrecht Grell, OceanScore


  • Successfully guide the customer through due diligence and subsequent funding rounds.
  • Reduce data processing time from a week to several minutes.
  • Bringing innovative product to market.
  • Shortening estimated time-to-market by 13 months.

Deadline? Pffft!

  • First candidates in 3 days.
  • Finish recruiting process in 2 weeks.
  • Spend less on office space and administrative costs.
  • Guidance if you’re not technically qualified.
  • Pay only if you hire.


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