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Product pitch is an online marketplace platform for selling beauty treatments and beauty supplies. It serves as an automated scheduling system that enables beauty salons to manage their appointments. Customers can use the platform to search for, compare, and buy beauty treatments and cosmetics, choosing from a wide range of brands. The platform also offers a webshop with professional cosmetics for beauty salons and payment by installments for bigger orders.

Main features

  • Automated scheduling system
  • Payment system integration
  • Comparison of products & services prices

Idego Group provides effective, efficient development resources that deliver results within a very detailed scope. The team is transparent, easy to work with, and quick to respond. We have a dedicated Project Manager, who is focused on task completion, and maintaining consistent communication.

CEO, Glamma


Our client wanted to create a platform dedicated to beauty salons and needed experienced Python developers to build it. The platform would allow customers to make appointments online while the beauty salons would have an easy way to accept beauty treatment reservations.

Before, the only way to schedule a beauty treatment in one of the beauty salons was through a phone call. It wasn’t convenient for either the customers or the salon employees. There was always a person that had to be responsible for the call receiving, finding a suitable date and time, and manual scheduling. The process took a lot of time, forcing other customers to wait on the line.

Another problem was that the customers could make an appointment only during the hours when a beauty salon was open. No one would answer a phone call before or after working hours. Because of that, the whole process created unnecessary pressure to make on-time with the call before the salon closed.

We needed a system that would make the scheduling of appointments easier for both sides.


Our client had a well thought out project and knew exactly what they wanted and expected from our team. The company decided to build an online marketplace for selling beauty treatments with an online form that would allow for easy appointment reservations. Customers would enter, choose a beauty salon, treatment, available date and time, and schedule an appointment whenever and wherever they wanted to. The goal was to give them a platform that provides flexibility and convenience.

While working on the project we expanded its scope, adding several helpful functionalities. We thought customers should have an option to pay online for the services. That’s why we made it possible to integrate with various payment systems. Using the Django framework we made sure the payment process would be fully secured. was also expanded with a webshop offering professional cosmetics to beauty salons and makeup & skincare products to customers.

We completed the end-to-end development of an online marketplace platform, including the frontend, backend, and server maintenance. And that’s how turned out to be a point-of-sale for beauty salons, offering much more than a typical scheduling platform.

Solution is an online marketplace for beauty products & services.

It was a long-term collaboration and I’m glad the results truly reflect our hard work on the project.

Piotr Groza,
CEO, Idego

Using your company can:

Manage appointments online

Beauty salons can create their schedules with marked appointments to manage the salon’s working hours. Every appointment is visible in their personal account, from where they can also send messages to customers. The customers can easily schedule appointments via online form no matter what time or day it is.

Build customer base

Customers can register an account where they see the history of beauty treatments. Beauty salons can send special offers to customers’ emails encouraging them to visit their salon again. This is how the companies can build their customer base.

Stock up beauty products

Beauty salons affiliated with the online marketplace can order beauty supplies through the webshop. Also, customers can use the online store to buy cosmetics recommended by the community.

Pay in installments

Beauty salons affiliated with the online marketplace can order beauty supplies through the webshop. Also, customers can use the online store to buy cosmetics recommended by the community.

Project summary is a $1 million dollar investment that turned out to be a most convenient platform for scheduling beauty treatments. The online marketplace gained a 75% conversion boost which shows how important it is to ensure flexibility of services. The platform facilitates the work of beauty salons and also gives the customers a sense of freedom with planning and choosing their appointments. The system is available in different languages as it was implemented in Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

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