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We were asked to redesign some crucial screens of the mobile app as a part of future collaboration. Our task was to re-think User Experience and propose a new User Interface layer.


01. We merged the double menu into one, sliding from the bottom…This approach made for a better experience when using the phone with one hand. We took into account that during shopping, people can have their other hand occupied by pushing a shopping cart or carrying a basket.

02. Areas of comfortable thumb reach when using a smartphone.


01.We have also added the option of sharing coupons with friends by sharing them in social media and directly through Facebook Messenger.

02. We know that users want to receive the desired information as soon as possible. One of the examples of tips for users is fast navigation to a givenCarrefour store, where the searched product is available.

03. In the past “Coupons” view, the user can not choose the coupon from the “Cosmetics” and “New” categories at the same time. We have proposed a solution that allows for more intuitive searching options.

Featured Products

01. The “featured” screen has been simplified to make the information more accessible to readers. We have made sure that the distinctive graphics are compatible with the colors of the brand because in the previous version there was a lack of guidelines for advertising banners.

02. Instant access to featured products based on your buying history. Get only valuable offers!

03. See the nearest stores based on your localization.

User Onboarding

01. One of the ideas for onboarding is to present various functionalities of the application through short videos/animations shown on the entire screen during the first entrance.

02.Explaining the process of certain actions with simple text instructions supported by real photos.


01.How often you forgot something to buy and you had to come back? We know that people like to be organized when shopping so as not to forget about anything. Our idea was to design a simple checklist which you can manage before and during your shopping.

02.Notification that your product has been appropriately scanned and added to your basket.


01. Use Apple Pay and get your receipt directly on your email.

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