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4 Reasons You Should Hire a 10x Developer in 2020!

The phrase contained in the title “10x developers” can be taken literally and it can be said that there are actually programs that are able to do the work literally 10 times more effective than the rest. However, as you probably realize, it all depends on many factors, the specifics of the project, customer needs and the developer approach. After all, the same project can be created in different ways. And here is the heart of the concept. Please read the text below and make sure that the selection of several real professionals with extensive experience for your current development team is a great decision.

Who is a 10x developer

We can easily try to define such a programmer, we have such developers in the Idego Group – we recently looked at their behavior and approach to development and we have simple but effective conclusions. 10x developers are primarily people who, by common sense, negate opinions and approaches to development. This means that every day they ask themselves: “Is there something in this project that I can do to simplify the work for myself and others?” This approach makes it an extremely hardworking and focused on achieving great results developers – 10x developers!

1# – The new level of development

A team created only from young and willing to develop programmers is good in the short run. Over time, however, you will need real professionals who have years of experience, think abstractly about the solution being created and not narrow-line. When you use the services of a 10x developer, you jump to a new level of development. The solution, design, MVP or simply additional functionality to your product – it is created faster, error-free and, ultimately, cheaper. It’s natural that if you don’t have to correct obvious errors after younger programmers, you don’t pay for the time of an older and more experienced developer.

2# – You create business cheaper in the long run

Sometimes founders are looking for cheap and quick solutions – putting out fires or sealing holes in many industries is a normal situation. Every experienced entrepreneur is well aware that if you do not invest properly in software development, it will probably result in later stages of the company’s development.

Choosing the cheapest freelancers who have not been able to prove their experience is a good idea for a novice entrepreneur who wants to create simple functionality in his application. When you are a founder of a startup or a company employing several dozen people, you should look for 10x developers in software houses who have experience and programmers who will answer your current needs.

Agile software developers

3# – You get access to the world’s smartest heads

It is great to be able to consult a person who has several years of experience in a given technology and industry. It’s a bit like talking to the founder of a problem that you need to solve. Thanks to this, you are ahead of your competition by many steps. Because when your competition tries to solve a problem or create a given functionality with the help of several young programmers, you have been on a different level at a business level for a long time.

4# – No project risk

It is often the case that you have a great idea and it changes your life in your imagination. This is a fantastic thing, but even more often it happens that developers are not able to completely translate your vision into a real product. 10x developers who have a huge technology stack in their CVs and a great workflow that allows them 10 times more performance during development is a chance for you and your business.

It is not worth risking that your project is unsuccessful for saving money or other means. Sometimes an investment that appears to be large at first will start paying off quickly when your customers love your service or product. There is nothing more valuable in creating a business than the feeling that you create something that has real value and affects someone’s life – and yet you strive for it as an entrepreneur.

Yes, you should consider hiring a 10x developer

When you are in a comfortable financial position, you have built a great foundation for your project and you want to take it to a higher level, then hiring a 10x developer will be a great idea. Sometimes you do not need to hire a few additional junior developers, probably enough experience and passion of a professional, 10x developer who has extensive experience and dozens of projects created behind him.

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