Django web apps

IDEGO: Building Exceptional Web and Mobile Apps

Would you like to leverage the power behind some of the most powerful platforms on the Internet, like YouTube and Dropbox? That’s the kind of top-end value that Idego delivers to its clients. Idego is a premium Python Software Housecompany, based in Poland. Python is the power behind YouTube and Dropbox—and behind the success of […]

Kivy is a Python library

When alone Kivy is not enough

Few words about Kivy Everybody likes games, and almost everybody likes Python 🙂 One interesting tool to join these two things together is Kivy. It’s a cross-platform Python library which can be very useful in the rapid development of applications (not only games) that make use of innovative user interfaces, such as e.g. multi-touch apps. Kivy’s […]

Django free book

Grab your free book with Django and Celery

What is Celery and how to use it? Sometimes one may face a problem with running code periodically, e.g. once per hour or once a day. For example, Packt Publishing offers Free Learning program where you can grab free e-book every day. But what if one day you can’t be online or just simply forget […]

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