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We are Python Developers. We work with Startups and Digital Agencies to develop and design great custom software for Web and Mobile.


Web applications

We develop custom web applications using the Agile methodology. We can solve all kinds of technical challanges using Python with Django framework, but we can also use PHP5, MySQL/PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, AngularJS, HTML5 and CSS3/LESS.

Mobile apps

We build applications and services for the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad) and Android. The Agile provides rapid cycles of development, testing and improvement. We can build your native iOS apps and test them on a range of devices.

Machine learning

Machine learning doing more to change the way we live and work than any technology since the irruption of the internet. Are there limitations to what machine learning can achieve? Of course, but there are areas in which it could change our world forever.

Internet of Things - IoT

The IoT or Internet of Things is changing the way we relate to the physical world. The applications of the IoT aim to facilitate the use of services in sectors such as hospitality, commerce or agriculture.


Blockchain is a technology that allows the transfer of digital data in a completely secure way thanks to a very sophisticated coding. It has the potential to transform many industries. It has the capacity to make processes more efficient, transparent and safe.
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