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Software House with own Hacker House

Hacker House
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What's so much hype about it that we even decided to make a video? It all looks pretty simple - we have two apartments in Gdynia, 10 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes to the office. The location is perfect for anyone who wants to visit Idego's headquarters and at the same time enjoy the seaside attractions. You can come with your family, friends or pet, or just by yourself, if you prefer - and yes, as it is with benefits, for free ;)

Remote friendly, but always open (and prepared😉) for visits!

Software House with own

Hacker House

For free for the whole Idego Team

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Fruity Fridays?
Let’s talk about what truly matters!

fruity fridays

Fruity Fridays are so standard that they've become goofy. So, for the sake of gaining your attention, we've made them even goofier. It's kind of fun, and yes, you actually may try this at home :)

But at Idego, we talk about what matters!

Instead of the blurry image of our company, we give you the details which are relevant to you and your expectations. And we’ll answer all of your questions.

But beware and do not apply without some self-irony and distance :)

This time we had fun with fruits, who knows, what comes next...

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Recruitment FAQ

1. How does your recruitment process look and how long does it take?
The recruitment process is organised to provide you and the Idego hiring team with the widest scope of infromation. It usually may take around one month. After applying to Idego, you may expect email with an invitation to the first recruitment meeting. This one is to define whether our mutual expectations match. The second step is a technical interview oriented towards specific tech stack. Usually the hiring decision is made after those two interviews but sometimes we organise "bonus" steps: meeting with Product Owner or the client, and with Piotr and/or Krzysztof - the owners and creators of Idego Group. All interviews may be handled remotely but if you want to check out our HQ in Gdynia during the process - you can surely expect a warm welcome!
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