Should you use Angular for developing a business solution?

Idego Idego • Apr 08
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Choosing the best tech stack for your company’s application is not easy – especially if you’re not tech-savvy. How can you make an informed choice between so many popular programming languages and their frameworks? We would like to tell you more about Angular and its application in business projects. 

Angular has now been on the market for quite some time and it is greatly appreciated by many developers. It is still one of the most popular frontend frameworks. If you decide to use it, you will benefit greatly from its versatility and various useful features. Learn what kind of applications you can build with it.

Angular – why should you learn more about this JavaScript framework?

When this open-source, JavaScript-based frontend framework appeared, it quickly became admired for its numerous features. It was a part of the MEAN technology stack, which includes: 

●     MongoDB – NoSQL database system,

●     Express.js – web app backend framework,

●     Angular.js – frontend framework,

●     Node.js – code execution runtime environment. 

All those technologies working together were considered effective and powerful solutions for various types of applications (even those complex business solutions). After many years, Angular remains one of the top frontend technologies for business purposes. The newest versions of Angular are departing from traditional architectural approaches and develop towards putting all structural elements of the application at the same level. If you are searching for proper technology for developing the client-side of your application, you should consider Angular.

Why should you consider Angular for your next business project?

Angular features make it a good choice for companies and developers. Here are some important things you need to know about this frontend framework.

Supported by Google

For many developers, the mere fact that Angular is supported by Google is enough to bet on this framework. Google announced Long-Term Support for this technology, which means that it will continue to work with this tech and develop it in the future. Being used and supported by such a big organization ensures improvement of the framework in the future.

Simplified MVC architecture

Originally AngularJS has developed around Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. Although new versions are similar, they are using the simplified MVC model, which ensures higher reusability of the components across the application – it does not force the user to split an application into separate MVC components and create a code to connect them.

Good choice for complex projects

Angular is an advanced solution and it is the right choice for building solutions with multiple features and dynamic content. It is also recommended for projects that require great performance. Enterprises often choose it because of the fast testing, efficient debugging, and clean, concise code.

Code Consistency

Inconsistent coding may increase time-to-market and escalate development costs. Code simplicity and consistency is the key to the successful development of complex applications. Code consistency can be improved by using the Angular CLI tool – it may be used to create repeatable blocks of code from the command line. Developing mobile and web applications in Angular will allow you to save time and money on your business project.

Good speed and performance

The newest version of Angular came up with optimized bundle size, improved loading speed, and dynamic loading of components. The framework uses Ivy Renderer – a compiler that is capable of compiling an app during the build process. All this affects the overall performance of the whole application.

Fast Development Process

Angular is well-documented, which allows developers to create an application faster. They may also build an application using tools such as Angular CLI. Two-Way data binding affects the development time as well, as it automates some processes of code generation.

What kinds of projects were carried out with Angular?

Angular has been used by many well-known companies all over the world. It has multiple applications. Your organization may choose this frontend framework for developing PWA, SPA, mobile, and web applications. Here are some examples of projects accomplished with this technology.

Microsoft Office

TypeScript is a primary language for Angular application development. It has been developed by Windows creators, so it is not surprising at all, that Angular is used by Microsoft to power its websites and applications.


Freelancer is a platform for outsourcing experts. If you run the project and you require a temporary, highly specialized employee for a particular job – that is where you should look. was developed with Angular. It enables skilled freelancers to offer their service and companies to look for the professionals they would like to involve in their current projects.

Google products

As Google supports this technology, many Google applications were developed with Angular, for example, Google Voice calling app, Keen – an experimental product that allows users to save their ideas, links, and articles or Google Arts & Culture, which enables you to interact with art pieces via the internet on a completely new level.


Forbes magazine has to deal with enormous traffic on its webpage – it is one of the largest business magazines in the US. With AngularJS on its front end, Forbes was able to ensure great loading time and responsive content within its website. Through this technology, articles update just after some new texts are being published.


We already learned that Microsoft is using Angular for Microsoft Office, but it was used in other projects as well. All gamers know Xbox Microsoft online service for gaming and content distribution for Xbox console. Xbox’s service was built with Angular technology. The platform allows users to play their favourite games online with other people, but also download demos or full games. It is the centre of the Xbox society on the Internet.

Is there some kind of project you should not use Angular for?

There is no perfect technology that can be used for all kinds of projects, so of course – Angular would not be recommended for developing all business solutions. Some alternative approaches should be considered for example in the case of building websites with static content or quite small websites. Why? The answer is simple – you do not need advanced technologies to develop a product with just a few simple features.

You have a lot of things to think about before you will start your new project. There is a matter of complexity and size of the solution you want to create, the time you can invest in a development process, the budget of your company, and the technical requirements for the application you’d like to build. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this on your own. Contact us and talk about your dreamed business solution with our consultants and developers. We have years of experience in advising on the right tech stack and developing amazing applications. We’ll be happy to help you with your project.

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