UX/UI Design Services

UX / UI Design Services

Do you need a design that is consistent, intuitive, and attracts the right users? We can help you create a product wrapped up in a useful UX/UI.

We have a free
consultation for you!

We have a free consultation for you!

What we believe in and what is our goal

UX / UI design services - our principles

Our aim is to deliver products that build our clients’ competitive advantage already at the visual and functional stage. We are convinced that the best products are created with the close participation of the customer. That’s why our clients are never excluded from the process. Our work is not only programming but also understanding the clients’ business goals and tailoring the UX/UI elements to the project. We are counting on cooperation, only then we will achieve success.

If you don't have an idea for an effective design for your project - we can help you! Our designers and analysts will help you create the perfect UX and UI elements from scratch as well as review and optimize processes that are already in place.

UX/UI design

UX and UI differ in many ways but they form a whole

UX and UI - let’s decode the concepts

The essence of UX is to discover the habits of Internet users and use this knowledge to build user journeys - paths that lead to a certain goal of the business. UX has nothing to do with colors, fonts, and the nice and ugly debate.

The essence of UI is to design components of the user interface that will look pleasant to the eye and be consistent throughout the project. This includes navigations, search engines, text boxes, links, and content arrangement. The entire look of the platform.

UX and UI

What distinguishes our UX and UI Design services

Things that ensure that the design process runs smoothly and effectively

Expertise and intuition combined

Expertise and intuition combined

Over 10 years of building products and a visual layer of applications has made us certain about our intuition towards certain ideas and expertise in the field of UX/UI.

Multidisciplinary designers

Multidisciplinary designers

Our designers are open-minded, brave, and creative. Their approach to design will favor your project as they are up to date with web trends and know about things that sell well.

Smooth & proven design process

Smooth & proven design process

We always start with Design Sprint that helps us validate the project hypothesis and create first prototypes we can work on later. It’s our proven method for securing product development.

Holistic approach

Holistic approach

When we design, we also focus on a logical and easy-to-follow sales path. We will create interactive mockups that you can comment on and make corrections. We look at the project as a whole, instead of paying attention only to visual elements.

UI Design Process

UI Strategy

UI Strategy

Conversations with the client

Meeting with developers

Understanding the user interface needs

The purpose of the created project



Setting expectations with design

Setting expectations with copy

Determining customer needs

Establishing workflow

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

Removing errors in old projects

Mock-up design

Logical design

Physical design





Prepare for design change requests

Application of the solution

Delivery & Testing

Delivery & Testing

Providing a working solution

Continuous testing

Adapting to patches

Project maintenance

UX Design Process



User Experience - Research

Business Opportunites

Data analysis

Competitive UX analysis



Concept Sketches

Concept Testing

User Experience - flow




Creating interactive prototypes

Raw layout outline

UX wireframes

Simple mockups taking - user behavior



Implement UX functionality

Testing user experience

Evaluate UX design

Usability test tasks



Development of its idea

Ul style designing

Starting a project

A/B testing

Case studies

How we used our UX/UI
expertise in projects

Our client's opinion

Our clients are
our partners

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