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We have a free consultation for you!

We have a free consultation for you!

Why you should consider
Staff Augmentation

When you need to transfer some processes to external partners, team augmentation is a great solution for you. The concept of staff augmentation will appear interchangeably with team augmentation. Hiring an external development team and delegating the entire development process may be something completely new to you.
However, in the era of great communication solutions and software development methodologies, your doubts before starting cooperation with a team of developers are not justified because staff augmentation is becoming very popular nowadays.

Managing a remote development team is a completely needed skill because hiring programmers to your own office is a significant cost. Staff Augmentation is the only right direction, which first creates savings, and secondly does not require creating additional processes in the company.
Our solution

Your project

At the moment when you need to expand your current business solution with a specific feature, team augmentation is irreplaceable.
Idego Group has been creating dedicated teams of developers for 10 years, we have a whole spectrum of developers who will be happy to complement your current team of developers.

However, if you have a need to create a web application from the sketch and you need a team of developers, we are also open to consultations.

it works?

Ad hoc is a good word for team augmentation.

Staff augmentation can be long-term cooperation as it can be a short-term solution. Often, development companies are able to provide you with programmers in literally one week, including documentation and CVs. At a time when access to advanced programmers is difficult because they are few and the rates are very high - employing inhouse is unprofitable.

We are able to estimate your project completely free, in addition, we are a company that not only creates for you a team of developers who will create a web application. We will keep your solution and tell you what you should do in the event of hesitation or doubt. We like to share many years of experience.

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Krzysztof Gibas

Idego Group's CTO


Krzysztof Gibas

Idego Group's CTO

The utility of Staff Augmentation
and Dedicated Teams

Do you need to build your solution from scratch?

There are no differences between the concept of a dedicated team and staff augmentation. It has been accepted that the concept of staff augmentation hides the extension of the current team, or the creation of a new team - engineers, strictly. However, when we talk about a staff augmentation, we feel here that we can expand the current team or create a new one containing PMs, designers, QA, UX/UI designers, engineers, testers or maintenance. In both cases you will build your team of developers from the very sketch. It is also worth using the terms explained above interchangeably.
A big plus will be having a staff augmentation that is flexible with respect to extension or reduction. It's a convenient solution where you can manipulate costs literally from month to month. It's a great solution because you still have the development cost under control. As you know, hiring people for the office is a real avalanche of costs. IT staff augmentation simplifies most of process that you have right now. Office equipment, office maintenance, costs related to price increases, payments. Team augmentation and creating remote teams of programmers almost in a week solves this problem.

Do you want to expand your current development team? IT staff augmentation is key!

When you think about faster market expansion and conquering new countries with your solution - expanding your development team is the fastest and most effective method. The cost of developers in Western Europe, Scandinavia or North America is constantly rising and reaching very high rates. The situation in Eastern Europe is much more stable and it is easier here for developers who have extensive experience to create your solutions because the whole market is developing very much in most of the industries - IT staff augmentation will grow as well as the demand for programmers.

To sum up briefly, if you currently need a team of developers who will create your solution from a sketch or a team of developers who will support your current development team remotely - you've come to the right place, staff augmentation is the solution for you.

Benefits of working with
Idego Group

Mutual understanding

The moment of staff augmentation is first of all clear onboarding. When everything is clear, expanding your development team is much simpler. In the future, the effort put in to properly describe the project and clarify disputes and dispel doubts will ensure that cooperation develops in a good way. At this stage, I will gladly ask you many questions that will prove to be a measure of what kind of developer support you need.

You will be up to date

Continuous updating of software development status by developers is crucial for you. We understand this perfectly, which is why we have been improving our communication process for many years and certainly, dozens of projects have taught us a lot. We will keep you updated on all updates, changes and solutions we introduce. All of course with mutual consent and confirmation. Nothing happens here accidentally.

We will adapt to your needs

The flexibility of the staff augmentation is a thing that provides a means of achieving. We perfectly understand the specifics of creating software, mobile applications or creating solutions based on the latest technologies. We understand that sometimes you need to further expand your current team or possibly reduce it. We are completely flexible and adapt to your needs from week to week. IT staff augmentation is one of our core services so we have an extensive expertise at supporting tech-leaders.

Development Services | Case Study

An online marketplace that
mediates beauty treatments


We created an online marketplace for beauty products


  • - Backend
  • - Frontend
  • - System maintenance
  • - eCommerce Appointments
  • - Booking system

My backend project created in collaboration with the Idego Group development team went smoothly. I had a preview of their work with every step made. Real professionals who have nothing to hide.


Marc / Guardomic CEO

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