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Software House Services - how can we help you?

We spent the last 11 years securing clients’ businesses with our IT specialists. Let’s build software together!

We have a free
consultation for you!

We have a free consultation for you!

What is a Software House?

A Software House is a company that specializes in building, scaling, and launching dedicated software for internal purposes or external customers. Idego is a software house that is able to build you a custom product, tailored to your business needs in terms of technology, performance, and scalability.

We provide clients with our best developers who fulfill their needs and support the development of desired digital products.

Software House - our services

We are a team of IT experts with extensive experience in software delivery. We operate as an extended team as well as a dedicated team in larger projects. We combine our knowledge with the highest quality technical skills to help our partners develop software efficiently within the budget. Our core services are built around:

  • Python development,
  • Fintech & Blockchain solutions,
  • MVP development,
  • AI-powered systems.

We specialize in providing ready-to-work teams of software developers who will support you in project delivery. We will build your project team from scratch or expand your current team of additional help.

This is how our Software House works

Our company will comprehensively organize the entire process of creating, implementing, and maintaining your product. This includes analysis, development, testing, and maintenance.

Our developers can

Become your new dedicated team for a particular project

Join remotely your existing IT team to help speed up the work

Tell us about your needs

Tell us about
your needs

Share your needs during a quick call with our CTO. We will explore the possible solutions and guide you since the first meeting.

Get developers’ CVs within 3 days

Get developers’ CVs within 3 days

On the basis of requirements, we will choose developers who are best suited to the given project. You will get their CVs within 3 days to decide on the final team size.

Extend your team in 1 week

Extend your
team in 1 week

Your external IT team will be ready to support you in just a week! During this time they will get familiar with your project and your expectations.

Build a completely new team

Build a completely new team

If you happen to need more developers, you can easily extend your team of additional experts together with a PM who will pilot the whole development for you.

Krzysztof Gibas

Why should you consider our
Software House Services?

Are you trying to find software developers for your startup?

Our company can help you build your MVP from scratch. What’s more, we offer you a 5-day workshop concentrated on the design and aim of your project.

Do you need a team of skilled developers to support your current product?

We can provide you with the needed specialists in a matter of a week! You choose the number of developers who will join you and then you can always scale up or down easily.

Do you have a specific idea and need a dedicated IT team to build it for you?

We build custom software. It means we are able to create exactly what you visualize in your head. It would be a pleasure to turn your dream into a great digital product with the help of our dedicated team.

What our Software House
can do for your business?

We will work on your project using the appropriate Agile-based software development methodology. Thanks to the flexibility of our service, we are able to quickly extend your current IT team or create a new one from scratch.

Estimate your project for free

Get the initial free estimation of work and CVs of developers who are most suitable for your project.

Benefit from our expertise

We’ve already delivered plenty of projects for a wide range of industries including automotive, fintech or e-commerce. We know how to innovate your market niche.

Complete your team as you need

You can hire only 2 developers or you can complete the team with QA engineers and a PM who will pilot the development process and keep you updated.

Be always up to date with work

Do you like to know what is going on in the project? We believe in daily communication so to keep everyone on the same page.

Case studies

Check out our case study!

Insurance Claim
Management System

We joined the team of Inpro to support the development of a web application for insurance claim reporting. The client decided on our software house services to extend his project team and accelerate the work. Throughout the collaboration, we were participating in daily calls to summarize and plan our tasks. Using our experience in Python and React.js we provided the company with the needed expertise in this field.



Python, Django, React.js

Team size

2 developers

Project time

1 year

Our client's opinion

What they say about our
Software House Services

Guardomic CEO

Amir Mofidi / CEO, Glamma

Idego Group provides effective, efficient development resources that deliver results within a very detailed scope. The team is transparent, easy to work with, and quick to respond.