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We have a free consultation for you!

Are you looking for developers who know the specifics of the German market?

The internet is changing very fast. Several times a year we are witnessing the emergence of new solutions for the same problems. All this so that the user of the page or application can do their work faster and easier. Software House is a relatively young concept that appeared to describe the activities of companies preparing dedicated Internet software for their own needs or external customers.

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We are now able to get things done more quickly, and we are more accurate with our quotations for clients.

CEO, BF International


It was clear that they are very skilled and have deep knowledge of [Django and Python].

CEO, Beauty Treatment
Online Marketplace

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Our team of developers will gladly support you in your project. Are you looking for Python programmers? Java? Real professionals with highly developed communication skills? We have great project managers, contact us and let's talk about possible cooperation.

Why you should consider a Software House

If you are looking for people, a place that will support you in creating a programming solution or create it for you from the beginning - you've come to the right place, read on! For 11 years we've been creating teams of developers that solve specific problems and accelerate and automate work around the world. We are also happy to turn your dream into a web application.

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cto - Chris Gibas

Chris Gibas

CTO / co-founder

What does software development company do?

Software created as part of Software House is often very complex and based on the latest technologies such as Internet of Things, BigData, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence. A Software House company will comprehensively organize the entire process of creating, implementing and maintaining a website or web application. This includes analytics, creation, programming, and testing. Each of these elements is equally important and none can be omitted in this process.
What software do

What are the services a software development company?

We are a team of IT experts with extensive experience in software delivery. We operate as a separate team as well as a dedicated team in a larger project. We combine our knowledge with the highest quality technical skills to help our partners develop software efficiently within the budget.

What can a software house do for your business?

The main assumption of our company is to create teams of remote programmers. We will implement your project using the appropriate Agile-based software development methodology. Thanks to the flexibility of our service, we are able to quickly expand your current team of developers or create a new one from scratch. Depending on the technology you need - we will support you. We have 11 years of experience in creating solutions based on Python, recently we also create Java projects. Create savings, grow your business and leave development to real professionals.

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We’ll adapt to you

Show us your needs, idea for project implementation and we will guide you step by step through the entire development process. We know how to do it.


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Why waste time when we can estimate your project, show you the CV of our programmers and just get started?


11-year software house is us

Dozens of projects, 70+ developers, the latest technologies. Trust our expertise and don't risk your unique idea!


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What industry are you from? E-commerence? Automotive? Insurtech? FinTech? We've created for the largest and most niche industries on the market. We are happy to talk about your project.


We will adjust the technology

If you don't know what programming language or framework you need - don't worry! Leave the technicalities to us, we already know what to choose so that your project is created in line with trends.


Let's keep up to date

Do you like to know what is going on in the project? It is possible with us, we will keep you up to date so that you always know what we are doing.

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