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Free consultation for the United Kingdom!

Free consultation for the United Kingdom!

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Top-class web development for your UK software company

Our remote team can build your MVP prototype from scratch, help in the further development of started projects and take care of product maintenance. We are experienced in remote software support and there’s a lot we can bring to the table.

Our solid expertise in the UK market will only benefit our collaboration as we can direct your business on a bigger profit. By expanding your project team you can deliver high-quality software in a short period of time. Trust our experience and let’s get to work!

Development Team in UK services

Bot mitigation engine that
protects web apps


We created solution that automates bot protection on your website or mobile app


  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • System maintenance

I knew perfectly well how my frontend project was developing, I had a sense of professionalism from Idego Group all the time. I had great contact with developers, they answered my messages very quickly and accurately answered questions. It was a pure pleasure development.


Marc / Guardomic CEO



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UK project

support team

We are a team of over 70 specialists in web development with knowledge of advanced technologies and solutions. You couldn’t find better software developers in UK.


Solid IT company

IT Experts

We are here since 2010 providing our clients with modern innovations in the field of AI or Blockchain. We constantly develop our skills to meet even the highest expectations.


Agile Team

We deliver

in Agile

We are Agile as we deliver projects in sprints and regularly discuss the progress during meetings. Our daily communication is key to smooth project finalization.

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Chris Gibas

CTO / co-founder

cto - Chris Gibas

Chris Gibas

CTO / co-founder

Software Development
tools and technologies

We know a wide range of modern technologies that will power up your UK software company. Is your project based on machine learning, IoT or big data? For us, It’s a piece of cake! We can build your UK project management software but also assist you during the development of your own products.

We are an AGILE team but we also work in Kanban and we always adapt to UK project requirements. We are flexible also when it comes to work-tools and technologies. Everything depends on the needs of your UK software company. Below is our technological stack that we continuously expand.


is a high-level, object-oriented programming language focused on creating readable code. It’s among the most chosen technologies for web development. It greatly increases productivity by providing an incredibly fast edit-test-debug cycle.



is an open-source web framework dedicated to Python. Django enables fast web development with its built-in template language. It also offers the best security as it protects against XSS attacks or SQL injections.



is a JavaScript framework with a component-based architecture. Characteristic of Angular ensures high-quality code and ability to obtain more functionality with a short line of code.



is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime and is used for traditional web sites and back-end API services. Node enables the building of scalable network applications.



is an open-source JavaScript library for creating UI components. It provides a virtual browser environment that ensures fast rendering and easy product maintenance.



is a class-based technology that allows for the building of reusable code. Java offers cross-functionality and portability, a wide range of APIs for web development and an open-source environment.

Why should you choose our UK software developers?


good team

Senior software

Our team consists of senior-level specialists that we hire through our demanding recruitment process. Your project is in the hands of the best 5% of all web developers.


project update

We think about
the future

A product has to be constantly supported and developed. Knowing this, we take care of the project documentation that eases future work on the software.


remote support

We build UK
MVP projects

We create unique products and can build your MVP from scratch. Focus on your business and leave the project development to us. You won’t be disappointed.


soft skill

We meet clients

Our clients are located all around the world as our high-quality software gained worldwide recognition. We worked for Fintech, Healthcare or Automotive sectors.

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