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We specialize in remote software development, helping tech companies achieve greater and faster results. You can easily scale your project team hiring our web developers. We will support you in MVP building, further project development, or product maintenance.

We’ve created dozens of software solutions for various industries such as E-commerce, Healthcare, Fintech, and Automotive. Hiring our team you get access to skilled full-stack web developers that are ready to take your project to the next level.

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Bot mitigation engine that
protects web apps


We created solution that automates bot protection on your website or mobile app


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  • System maintenance

I knew perfectly well how my frontend project was developing, I had a sense of professionalism from Idego Group all the time. I had great contact with developers, they answered my messages very quickly and accurately answered questions. It was a pure pleasure development.


Marc / Guardomic CEO



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software developers

We offer you team augmentation of up to 70 remote web developers. With our support, you can improve the services of your software company in Australia.


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Our company delivers high-quality software products since 2010. We will take care of your project and you can always contact us having any doubts.


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We deliver products working in AGILE as it allows us for daily communication with team members and our clients. It’s perfect for keeping everyone on the same page.

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Chris Gibas

CTO / co-founder

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Chris Gibas

CTO / co-founder

Software Development
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We provide you with remote software development using the latest technology and work tools. We give you space to choose whatever you prefer to work with - we adapt to your software company in Australia. You can trust our experience in the field of Machine Learning, Blockchain, Big Data, or IoT.

On a daily basis, we work in AGILE or Kanban and we use Python, Django, and Java as our core technologies. However, you can suggest any other that you prefer more - we are flexible. Here’s a list of what we choose when working on web development.


is an object-oriented programming language focused on creating readable code. Python increases productivity, offering an incredibly fast edit-test-debug cycle and its clear code lowers costs of future product maintenance.



is an open-source web framework for Python. It offers rapid development of web projects thanks to its built-in template language. The technology is the best choice when it comes to security as it protects against XSS or CSRF attacks.



is a JavaScript framework with a component-based architecture. Characteristic of Angular ensures high-quality code and ability to obtain more functionality with a short line of code.



is a platform used for building scalable web applications. Node uses the event-driven, non-blocking environment that provides developers with a lightweight and efficient workflow.



is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook. React is used for creating UI components in a friendly virtual browser environment. The technology work model ensures fast rendering and easy product maintenance.



is a class-based programming language that has an extensive API set for building web apps. Java is platform-independent, free, and continuously developed technology that ensures the building of reusable code.

Why should you choose Idego remote software development?


good team


Apart from mid and junior developers, there are a lot of senior software engineers among us. You decide how many and what level of specialists do you need for your project.


project update


We build your software having in mind its future needs. We give you well-prepared documentation that eases any further product development.


remote support


We take the testing process seriously. Our QA team chooses testing procedure that suits the project specification and makes sure the product is fully ready to meet customers.


soft skill


We work with companies across the entire globe providing tech leaders with modern software products. Different time-zones and languages are not a barrier to our team.

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