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We have a free consultation for you!

Should you use Python for your project?

Are you looking for support when it comes to creating development in Python? It's a great decision, it's hard to find a programming language as fast as Python. It is very easy to learn, has a great framework library, a large community, a lot of documentation and is used by the largest in many industries.

It's really hard to find any restrictions in this language because you can create any kind of design in it.


Check out the largest companies using Python

We have prepared for you a list of six IT giants who use this technology. Certainly, this is a strong argument for choosing this technology in your new or current project. If the greatest innovators of today are using Python, maybe it's time for you to become an innovator of our times?

Quora logo


it's a continually growing platform made from user-generated questions and answers. It is used by many as a source of information however some use Quora to promote their business and build their social network.

Instagram logo


an American social networking service owned by Facebook, that’s main purpose is photo and video-sharing. Instagram app allows users for publishing photos and videos that can be edited and organized with tags and location information.

Alibaba logo


the company is considered as the "Amazon of China". It owns the largest B2B (, C2C (Taobao), and B2C (Tmall) marketplaces in the world.

IBM logo


is an American multinational technology company that produces and sells computer hardware and software. The company is also a research organization that topped the annual list of U.S. patent recipients for 27 consecutive years.

Yahoo logo


Yahoo is a web search engine that’s currently owned by Verizon Media. Yahoo is considered one of the 5 biggest search engines next to Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yandex.

Dropbox logo


it provides a cloud storage service that is most often used for file sharing. It allows users to move files (also videos, images) off their computer onto a cloud database. The basic account is free and provides users with 2GB space.

This is how we deliver Python solution for you

Step 1

Tell us about your idea
For Sure you have a specific plan in your head and just need a team of professionalists to make it all happen. We are happy to listen to some more on this topic. As soon as we talk about the details, you will have a clear picture of our collaboration.

Step 2

Technical expectations
We want to do it your way so tell us what are your expectations regarding the project? If you have planned the budget, launch date, framework technology, and how many developers you need, there’s nothing left to start the work!

Step 3

We make this happen
Idego team will work hard to deliver you the best results possible. We have high expectations even for ourselves so we won’t stop before everything is perfectly polished.

Step 4

Let’s double-check everything
How do we know the product is ready? We test it from every side. Our specialists perform a testing procedure carefully checking each feature of the software. Everything to make sure you are provided with a high-quality solution.

Step 5

We will support and maintain the product
Creating software is one thing but it has to be always supported by experienced developers. That’s us and yes, we won’t leave you with the maintenance of it. It would be a pleasure to further develop the product based on your market needs.

What Python can do for Your business?

Python has been our core technology in which we've created dozens of technological solutions for many years. Our clients from countries such as Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada and France have appreciated the experience of our developers.


Working with experienced developers

we just recruit the best people in the industry. They chose us to partner for a team that continuously improves the expertise and explores innovative technology to fulfill even the highest demands.


Dozens of created projects

We have behind us facilities in the form of 60 developers, huge baggage of experience and a constant desire to explore the market. Let's create something new!


Still available to help you

we take control not just of the company but our consumers as well. If you have second thoughts or need guidance regarding the criteria, we're here to give you assistance.


Choose the technology you need

Python and Django are our key tools that let us create innovations but our software stack is well built to help you discover it for yourself. Our developers find nothing hard.


AI-powered applications

we are real Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specialists. The platform can be applied in your project too with our support.


Personalized software

something more than just a resource we're providing to customers. They are given a custom device that relies solely on their preferences and needs.

Our previous Python development projects

Nudity Detection API


We've created a solution based on AI technology. The main intention in creating the project was nudity detection, proper categorization and pixelization. Thanks to the appropriate classification with a very high dose of probability, AI knew what kind of nudity this was. This solution allowed to relieve people who had to browse thousands of photos every day.


  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • System maintenance

Nudity Detection and Abusive Content Classifier

As a result, we've created an API to which, after pasting the URL with the photo, we could, in addition to the mere nudity, be examined using AI - sex, age, emotions. We created all the software based on the Agile approach. This solution saved hundreds of hours and streamlined work.

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