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Start working with specialists

Let us know the number of developers you need and their level of expertise so we can get started!

Start working with specialists

Let us know the number of developers you need and their level of expertise so we can get started!

Why you should consider offshoring

Hiring remote developers and delegating the entire development process can be something completely new to you.

However, in the era of great communication solutions and software development methodologies, your doubts before starting cooperation with an offshoring company are unnecessary.

Managing a remote development team is a completely needed skill because hiring programmers to your own office is a significant cost. It’s the only right direction, which first creates savings, and secondly does not require creating additional processes in the company.

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How does it work?

We provide our clients with dedicated project teams that are ready to start work in a matter of a week. On the basis of the scope of your project (website, mobile /web app, system), we choose our best software developers ready to boost your development. Companies without expertise in a certain field or lacking enough specialists may simply hire our remote developers and accelerate their time-to-market. All you have to do to start the process of building your team is to tell us what you need.

Expanding your development team can be long-term cooperation as it can be a short-term solution. It’s up to you for how long you will benefit from outsourcing services. At a time when access to advanced programmers is difficult because they are few and the rates are very high - employing in-house is unprofitable. Here comes our offshore software development company.

Idego Offshore Software Development

Unlike other software development companies, we are able to estimate your project completely free. When we are certain what your expectations are and how many people we need to start the process, we provide you with CVs of developers who are most suitable for your project. Along with developers, we offer you a dedicated Project Manager who will pilot the development process and keep you updated. In addition, our software development company not only creates your project team but makes sure you have a plan for further development of your solution. In the event of hesitation or doubt, you can always ask us what you should do next. We will gladly share our knowledge of the IT industry.

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Chris Gibas

CTO / co-founder

Offshoring services | Case study

Bot mitigation engine that
protects web apps


  • AI Software Development
  • System Maintenance
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Product Design

Main features

  • Automated detection of negative bot activity
  • Implementation of machine learning
  • Integration with a statistics module


  • Python
  • Django

Guardomic provides websites and web applications with an 80% security boost. It blocks hostile bot activity and monitors requests coming from different sources. This way we get insight into the server status and can increase our performance online even by 50%. With 3 times less bot interference, our work is much more smooth, convenient, and most importantly safe.

Case Study: Guardomic

What you gain when you choose to offshore a project

By choosing software development offshoring you delegate a huge part of your work to a trusted company ready to deliver it for you. It already means you are relieved from your duties and you can put your energy into more important issues. But it’s just the tip of an iceberg when it comes to the benefits you gain.

World-class capabilities

Access to talented developers from all around the world allows companies to deliver high-quality products without limiting to a certain technology. Offshoring provides companies with expertise from every needed field.

Cutting costs

Significant cost-reduction helps to save in-house resources for emergency situations and provides conditions for a company to develop.


The ease of scalability of a project eliminates any problems connected to expanding its scope and requirements. The size of the external team can be easily adjusted without you having to find, hire, and onboard additional developers.

Clear mind

Focus on primary business processes ensures your business grows in every direction. Delegating a huge part of the responsibility to a third-party provider saves your company time for building the brand.

Improving services

Improvement in customer service attracts more customers to your business and helps to build the company’s reputation on the market. Thanks to the right customer approach you can expand your client base and reach more leads.

Efficiency boost

Increased efficiency helps outperform competitors. The support for the development and faster production makes your business superior to those who aren’t aware of IT offshoring benefits.

Increased business availability

The time zone differential makes your business runs 24/7. Deciding on offshoring services from a company located in a different time zone gives you the benefit of round-the-clock business processes.

Offshoring strategy is a better option

When you think about faster market expansion and conquering new countries with your solution - expanding your development team is the fastest and most effective method. The cost of developers in Western Europe, Scandinavia, or North America is constantly rising and reaching very high rates. The situation in Eastern Europe is much more stable and it is easier here for developers who have extensive experience to create your solutions because the whole market is developing very much in most of the industries.

To sum up briefly, if you currently need a team of developers who will create your solution from scratch or a team of developers who will support your current project team remotely - you've come to the right place, offshoring is the solution for you.

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Benefits of working with
our offshore software developers


We both want the same! And it means a great level of communication, being transparent about possible obstacles and finally, a high-quality outcome. When everything is clear, expanding your development team is much simpler.

You will
be up to date

We make sure you always know what phase product development is. We will keep you updated on all changes we introduce. All of course with mutual consent and confirmation. Nothing happens here accidentally.

We will
adapt to your needs

The flexibility we offer is our biggest asset among other software development outsourcing companies. We understand that sometimes you need to further expand your current team or possibly reduce it. That’s why we adapt to your needs from week to week.

When you should choose to offshore

If you’re looking for:

  • software development process based on open communication,
  • tech partner with lots of experience in delivering digital projects,
  • developers who have knowledge of advanced technologies,
  • support and consulting services,
  • specialists who are culturally almost identical to you.
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