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We have a free
consultation for you!

We have a free consultation for you!

What is MVP - Minimum Viable Product?

The concept of MVP was started by Eric Ries with the book "The Lean Startup". The main assumption of Lean Startup and MVP itself is to create a product with minimal functionality and release it into the world. This is to obtain specific, real data from people interested in the product.

MVP is the initial version of your product with just enough features to capture the attention and satisfy the needs of customers. It is based on the core functionality, which is usually 2-3 key features. A well-prepared MVP should be equipped with just that and still be able to encourage the audience and make them want to continue using the product.

Purpose of MVP Development

Building an MVP you can easily scale your product by verifying the necessary features and functionalities with the use of real customers. It’s the quickest way to obtain solid statistical data from the real market, that you can work on without the need of building the entire solution.

Confront your
idea with reality

You can spot errors and learn how to avoid them in the future when bringing the actual product to the market.

Consider different perspectives

You can use the collective intelligence of MVP users to improve the project in areas that you might not even have thought of before.

Gain interest
and find partners

You can start growing a community around your product and reach a potential partner who will decide to support the full version development.

Verify your
product idea

You can quickly validate your product. If the MVP meets with no interest or feedback from recipients - you already know it’s time to work on something else.

You will probably learn from your customers:

What features should you eliminate from this product? What is superfluous?

What else can you add to the product?

How can you solve certain issues related to the product?

What MVP Development Company
can do for your business?

Launching a new product is not an easy task. The problem is competition, reaching your target group, advertising, relevant marketing activities, and customer service. There are many elements that make up a given product or service and the whole process involves a considerable amount of time and money.

We are here to minimize the effort on your side by giving you access to our developers specialized in MVP development.

Our developers can

Build your MVP working for you as a remote dedicated team

Support MVP development by joining your existing project team

MVP Development Process

MVP must be delivered quickly and efficiently

Collecting requirements

We collect information about the product and plan the necessary details of our cooperation such as tech stack, the number of developers involved in the process, the goal we want to achieve.

Agile process: step 1
Agile process: step 2

Prioritizing MVP features

We select the fundamental functionalities of your product that are enough to capture the attention of users and potential investors.

Improving & modifying

We divide the work into sprints. Each sprint starts with planning and design and ends with the testing process. This way, your final product is delivered through subsequent iterations, improving, and modifying.

Agile process: final step

Delivering functional MVP

By developing iterations, each better than the previous one, we finally reach the version that we all agree is the best. Your MVP is ready and you can start testing the product idea on real users.

Case studies

We developed MVP for our client
- check out our case study!

Online Apartment
Booking Platform

We created an MVP for our client to validate the idea of an apartment booking system. In just 3 months we were ready to start measuring the engagement of users and overall online feedback using a real product.

Collecting all the necessary information we started developing the final version of the app. Our team consisting of 2 developers and a UX designer delivered the end product in less than a year!

Houses of Friends


Python, Django

Team size

2 developers, UX designer

Project time

MVP - 3 months

Final version - 1 year