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We have a free consultation for you!

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language used to create and control dynamic website content. It allows developers to animate objects and make web pages more interactive. JavaScript is everywhere as it’s the foundation of all websites but the way you apply it, makes a difference in the overall user experience. Our developers will select a JS framework that suits your project and make it more modern.

Check out the largest companies using JavaScript

We have prepared for you a list of six IT giants who use JavaScript. If the greatest innovators of today are using JS frameworks, maybe it's time for you to become an innovator of our times?



the company is a leading global vendor of computer software. Microsoft produces, develops, and sells its software but also provides support for it. Apart from the software, the company produces its own electronics and computers.



is a ride-hailing company that offers services such as peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service hailing, food delivery via UberEats, and online renting of electronic bikes and scooters. Uber works through an app or its website and provides operations in over 785 metropolitan areas worldwide.



the Facebook company created an American social media platform that allows people to connect with their friends and family online. After registration, the users create their profiles and can use the platform to share content (photos, text, multimedia) with all their friends. Users can also join Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell items.



the company runs an American global e-commerce marketplace that helps people buy goods and services cheaper using virtual coupons. Originally served more than 500 cities worldwide now it’s available in 15 countries.



an American multinational technology company that provides Internet-related services and products. Their most famous one is the Google Internet search engine. The company also created platforms for online advertising technologies or cloud computing. Google is considered one of the biggest technology companies.



is a social network made for the purpose of professional networking and career development. The site enables users to build their professional profiles as well as a portfolio. LinkedIn serves as a platform for searching for a job, enhance your professional reputation, and interacting with other people.

What can our JavaScript development
company do for you?

Whether you need to build or scale a product, you need experts to secure the development process and make sure there are no delays. We are here to minimize the effort on your side by giving you access to our experienced JavaScript developers. Do you need to go fast and optimize your resources as much as possible? Build your dedicated IT team or expand your team of additional Idego developers.

Our JavaScript developers can

Join your existing project team to help

Become your new dedicated IT team

How we deliver software for our clients

Following our proven steps and methods

Collecting requirements

First, we arrange the details of our cooperation: project tech background, the number of developers who will support you, and the goal of your project.

Agile process: step 1
Agile process: step 2

Dividing the work into sprints

Following the Agile methodology, we divide our work into weekly sprints to break down the complex functionalities into smaller tasks. This way the development process is facilitated and we have better control over the outcome.

Improving & modifying

Your JavaScript solution is developed in a series of iterations, each one better than the previous one. Thanks to daily communication we know what to improve so that the final version meets your expectations.

Agile process: final step

Delivering the final result

The agile model is flexible when it comes to changing requirements so we can easily adjust the project to new ideas. Finally, we reach a point where the outcome meets your business objectives.

Our Technologies

We can also create your
solution in these technologies



is an object-oriented programming language, which is distinguished by its dynamics, ease of learning, and many possibilities of use. Scikit and TensorFlow are two popular machine learning and AI libraries available to Python developers.



is an open-source framework for creating web applications written in Python. It has been designed to be able to quickly and easily perform common tasks related to creating websites, thus maximally simplifying the process of creating complex, database-based applications.



is a high-level general-purpose programming language. It is fully object-oriented, except for a few simple types. Java is easily portable as it is interpreted by a Java cross-platform Java Virtual Machine.


Why working with our JavaScript developers?

Our cooperation will provide you with much more development opportunities

Speed up the process

Speed up the process

Receive our JavaScript developers’ CVs in 3 days. Get a dedicated team or additional support in the form of our experts in a matter of a week.

Save time on hiring procedures

Save time on hiring procedures

As we work in a remote manner your business will save much of the resources that would go for buying extra office space and recruitment procedures.

Personalized approach

Personalized approach

We’re not an enterprise with thousands of employees. That’s why we approach every project in a personalized way ensuring the client’s vision gets enough attention.

Experience in many industries

11 years of

We've created dozens of projects for tech partners around the world. We know what today's customer needs and how to target their pain points.

Case studies

JavaScript development
company - our projects

Lending Platform

Our developers supported an IT project which was a web application for the management of loans. We helped our client choosing the right tech stack based on the collected requirements and after a week we were ready to start building the product. Choosing Angular js as a front-end, our team was able to create an app that works flawlessly and meets the expectations of end-users.



Python, Django, Angular

Team size

3 developers

Project time

2 years

Our client's opinion

What clients say about
our JavaScript projects

CEO, BF International

Łukasz Perkowski / CEO, BF International

We are now able to get things done more quickly, and we are more accurate with our quotations for clients. Idego fit our needs and were always available to answer any questions we had. Everything was scheduled, and we knew what they were doing.