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Should you use JavaScript for your project?

JavaScript is a programming language on the client side that allows web developers to build web applications and construct dynamic and immersive web pages by integrating personalized client-side scripts.

There are a number of great JavaScript systems and they can't even be listed because new ones pop up quite frequently.

The most popular JS technology at the front are Vision, Angular and React. Many parallels between JS and other programming languages focus that JavaScript is only the front end but that's simply not true. You may build a whole site or mobile app that has no technologies other than JavaScript.

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Check out the largest companies using JavaScript

We have prepared for you a list of six IT giants who use this technology. Certainly, this is a strong argument for choosing this technology in your new or current project. If the greatest innovators of today are using JavaScript, maybe it's time for you to become an innovator of our times?

Microsoft logo


the company is a leading global vendor of computer software. Microsoft produces, develops and sells its software but also provides support for it. Apart from the software, the company produces its own electronics and computers.

Uber logo


is a ride-hailing company that offers services such as peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service hailing, food delivery via UberEats and online renting of electronic bikes and scooters. Uber works through an app or its website and provides operations in over 785 metropolitan areas worldwide.

Facebook logo


the Facebook company created an American social media platform that allows people to connect with their friends and family online. After registration, the users create their profiles and can use the platform to share content (photos, text, multimedia) to all their friends. Users can also join Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell items.

Groupon logo


the company runs an American global e-commerce marketplace that helps people buy goods and services cheaper using virtual coupons. Originally served more than 500 cities worldwide now it’s available in 15 countries.

Google logo


an American multinational technology company that provides Internet-related services and products. Their most famous one is the Google Internet search engine. The company also created platforms for online advertising technologies or cloud computing. Google is considered one of the biggest technology companies.

LinkedIn logo


is a social network made for the purpose of professional networking and career development. The site enables users to build their professional profile as well as a portfolio. LinkedIn serves as a platform for searching for a job, enhance your professional reputation and interacting with other people.

Your Javascript solution in a nutshell

Step 1

Your idea is crucial
Have you come up with a brilliant idea that’s going to bring something unique to the IT world? If yes, then you are on the right way to make the idea real. Let us introduce you in simple steps the road to your success.

Step 2

Technical requirements
To build the idea we need to analyze it first. Decide on the work methodology, team size, budget, timeframe in which you want to see the results, and of course preferred technology. We will adapt to your requirements just give us the hints!

Step 3

The work-hard mode is on!
Our team will put every effort to deliver you the exact project that was born in your mind. Trust us and our 10 years of experience in the IT world. You won’t be disappointed.

Step 4

Testing procedure
We will double-check every detail of the software we’ve created so that nothing surprises you after its official launch. It’s the most important part of the process and we treat it very seriously.

Step 5

We provide Support & Maintenance
You won’t be left alone. We will take good care of the product making sure it’s always updated and meets the expectations of your customers.

What JavaScript can do for Your business?

To select JavaScript for your new project, do you need clear arguments. We understand you, that's why, particularly for you, we have prepared a few arguments. Select tested solutions, and do not risk your idea!


Complete dedication

we are here to guide you, to help your proposals and to offer input anytime you need it. Contact us today. Whatever the question is we're going to solve it.


Strong participation in the process

we are completely dedicated to the project and want to learn every aspect of it to guarantee that you are pleased with the outcome. Next, to start the method, we discuss the entire thing and test if everybody is on the same page.


We test our web applications

It is a part we treat really seriously. Testing technology allows one to see the ultimate result of all the functionalities. We never delay or overlook monitoring steps and make completely confident that we offer high.


Receive the JavaScript developers CV in 3 days

We want you to jump to a new level in business as soon as possible. Trust us and let's talk about your new development team.


10 years of problem-solving

We've created dozens of projects for tech partners around the world. We know what today's customer needs and how to hit his tastes. Talk to us.


Personalized apps

much more than just a tool we offer to customers. They are granted a custom app that is entirely focused on their needs and specifications.

Our previous JavaScript development projects

Nudity Detection API


We've created a solution based on AI technology. The main intention in creating the project was nudity detection, proper categorization and pixelization. Thanks to the appropriate classification with a very high dose of probability, AI knew what kind of nudity this was. This solution allowed to relieve people who had to browse thousands of photos every day.


  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • System maintenance

Nudity Detection and Abusive Content Classifier

As a result, we've created an API to which, after pasting the URL with the photo, we could, in addition to the mere nudity, be examined using AI - sex, age, emotions. We created all the software based on the Agile approach. This solution saved hundreds of hours and streamlined work.

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