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IT Outsourcing Services

It refers specifically to delivering IT projects through remote collaboration with experienced software engineers. By outsourcing your project team, we help to deliver custom solutions faster without the loss of quality. Our outsourcing service comes to the rescue providing businesses with tech specialists ready to support product development at any stage.

The flexibility of the method gives you the power to increase or reduce workforces on demand, depending on the work status. You decide on the number of developers to join your project as well as about the time when you want to scale up or down your development team.

Outsource your project team in 1 week

Schedule a call to get developers’ CVs in 3 days. Double your IT team in just a week!

Expand your development team or build a
dedicated team in just a week!

Let’s say we start a collaboration with software developers. How does it look like?
It depends on your needs and requirements.


Connecting your team with our remote developers


Building a dedicated team

Connecting your team with our
remote developers

If you’re already in the middle of project delivery and need support...

We will expand your development team by joining remotely to the project.


Choosing software

First, we need to know how many
developers and of what level of
expertise, you need to join you



After you choose your software
engineers, they will get into the
project specifics



From now on, we support you on
a daily basis and participate in
every project standups

Building a dedicated team

If you don’t have a project team...

We will build a team of developers
who will work remotely for you.



We start with a quick call to talk a bit
more about your project specifics


Set up a

Then, on the basis of the complexity
of the idea, we will construct a team
of developers experienced in a given


Start of

With a project team tailored to
your needs, we are ready to start
accelerating your development

We provide experts in
various technologies

Our core technologies


Web development with Python is what we know inside-out. The technology is the foundation of 90% of websites on the Internet. We often use it during the development of web applications. Python web applications are powerful, able to handle hundreds or even thousands of requests each minute.


Java enables to reduce time-to-market thanks to its wide variety of powerful APIs that make the development process faster and easier. That’s why the language is used by the largest companies in the world. We also love it and will gladly provide you with our Java developers if needed.


Web application development goes in pair with good front-end technology. Our favorite is React.js because it operates on JavaScript, is versatile, modern, and powerful. Thanks to its approach to software development, it is currently number one on the list of trending technologies.

Krzysztof Gibas

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If you have specific technical requirements, a good step will be to talk to our Chief Technology Director - Chris.

client testimonials

How clients review our tech

Client testimonials

Thanks to the support of the Idego Group, we were able to expand our current development and release new functionalities to the light of day.

Deborah Hall
CEO, DIVE Networks

Idego Group successfully delivered development on a pace that was unmatched.

Krzysztof Białecki
Business System Analyst, Vemco

Schedule a call and get
developers in 1 week!

remote development team

Schedule a call and get
developers in 1 week!

remote working developers

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Investing in remote working developers you never lose


We charge only for hours of developers’ work. If your project turns out to be less complex you’re not obliged to pay a fixed price for it. Thanks to this approach, you pay for exactly what you’ve ordered.

Team on‑demand

You are provided with the right people in a matter of a week! As soon as you start working with the team, you can easily scale it up or down depending on your needs.

Skip recruitment procedures

You don’t need to go through the time-consuming hiring procedures. Save your time by working with remote IT specialists who can support you right away!

No need for more office space

As we collaborate in the remote model you can expand your project team as much as you need without having to invest in a bigger office.

Schedule a call and get
developers in 1 week!

remote development

How we helped our client by
joining their IT team

One of our successful collaborations

Case study: Inpro
We joined the team of Inpro to support
their product development

Our client from Chicago decided on IT staff augmentation services to accelerate the work on their web application. It was an Insurance claim management system dedicated to businesses and individual clients. On the basis of project requirements we prepared CVs of most suitable developers who have the needed skills. After their CVs were accepeted, we had a quick call with the complete team and then we were ready to start the process of delivering a custom solution.

Throughout the collaboration, we were participating in daily calls to summarize and plan our work. Using our experience in Python and React we provided the company with the needed expertise in this field. Thanks to our teamwork and great communication, the client was able to faster get the advantage of product functionality and use it to decrease operating costs connected to insurance claim reporting.


Python, Django, React

Team size

2 developers

Project time

1 year

Expand your project team in 1 week

Schedule a call to get developers’ CVs in 3 days. Double your IT team in just a week!

build development team

This is how developers that will
join your team can look like

We can provide you with a wide range of specialists

Python Developer

5 years of experience





Filip also knows:

Full Stack Developer

5 years of experience





Patryk also knows:


Front-end Developer

4 years of experience





Bartek also knows:


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