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The best front-end developers for hire

Do you need a high-performing and functional web application? Our front-end developers will take care of the visual aspects of your product.

We have a free
consultation for you!

We have a free consultation for you!

When it comes to a product the appearance does matter

We secure the front-end development working with trusted and established through years technologies. Our aim is to equip digital products with remarkable user interfaces that are pleasant to use and interact with. Starting a collaboration with our specialists you can be sure of high-quality outcomes.

How to hire our front-end developers?

Our front-end developers can support your project by joining your existing team or they can become your dedicated team designed specifically for your requirements. Whether you choose to expand your resources with 2-3 Idego developers or choose to build a complete team, including QA engineers and a Project manager, our services are flexible enough to adjust to the changing dynamics of product development.

Our front-end specialists can

Join your existing team and help speed up the development

Work for you as a remote dedicated team

Process of developing
front-end solutions

your needs

Share your idea with our CTO during a quick call. We’ll help you choose the right tech stack to obtain the expected outcome and we will arrange the details of our cooperation.

an MVP

Building an MVP gives you the advantage of quick validation of your idea. It’s your product in version 1.0 that you can use to test the fundamental features of your app on real users.


When we create your project we use the Agile methodology as efficiently as possible. Your product is delivered through frequent iterations preceded by collecting new data and requirements.

Choosing the
final version

Through continuous product improvement and testing cycles, we reach the point where the final version meets your all expectations. We are ready to deploy the solution!

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Front-end developers for hire - our values

Core things that describe our collaboration and secure the work on your project

11+ years’ experience

11+ years’ experience

We’ve been supporting our clients with remote teams of experienced developers since 2010. Our company is a hub of talented people who are ready to innovate your current project.

Quick team set up

Quick team set up

Our developers will support you no matter your location. Thanks to the remote work model, we are able to provide you with the needed IT experts in just one week!

Agile mindset

Agile mindset

Agile teams are given problems to be solved, not solutions to be implemented. Our developers successively find answers and methods to build your vision and deliver outcomes through weekly sprints.

Front-end development stack



React is a library for building interfaces in JavaScript, created by Facebook. React has gained immense popularity among programmers and is one of those libraries where writing is quite pleasant.



What distinguishes AngularJS from other such frameworks is its own HTML compiler. It allows us to "teach" our HTML new tricks, behaviors and add some functionalities. In this way, we are able to build a dynamic web application.



Vue.js is a progressive framework for JavaScript used to build web interfaces and one-page applications. Integrating or migrating existing projects to Vue.js is fast and smooth. The technology was used by many well-known companies Adobe and Google to name a few.



CSS is the language for describing the presentation of web pages, including colors, layout, and fonts. It is used to create the foundation of the visual aspects of your product.



HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the language used to create websites. It is also a markup language, i.e. in addition to the main text, the document contains information describing it.

Java Script

Java Script

JavaScript is a scripting programming language created in the ’90s. It is a language used on websites. The scripts themselves are responsible for interactivity by responding to events, checking forms, or creating elements.

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CEO DIVE Networks

Debrah Hall / CEO DIVE Networks

Thanks to the support of the Idego Group, we were able to expand our current development and release new functionalities to the light of day. On a daily basis, Idego Group deals with literally everything related to the code: log monitoring, fixes, new functionalities, hunting for small patches, tests, implementation, etc. From the front to the back-end.